Life continued like a chess board. Someone is being defeated by someone . Just to save a king, pieces of feelings are shattered. And one by one life of those pieces continued to be sacrificed.

Everyone is playing new tricks, how can we avoid them, there is no shield. In every step of life we meet new people, the way we meet new pawn at every move. We learn laws and rules.

Camel sit down sometime this side that side. What about things, statements, every wink is fake.On everything we find just a lie.

We have to take every step carefully, as everyone around us is selfish Nd see their own power. If we hear to people they are friends but as we protest or take stand they become enemy in moment.

Sometime the king also become helpless and have to take support of elephant or horses because the Wazir, the subordinate sometime also poses danger, for his own selfishness he breaks the trust like a strands.

The women of this country are not safe. The live with fear in their heart. They don't even know when new dushasan take birth and rip off her saree in middle of the market.

The game goes haywire at any moment as life is like a Wazir in chess. We all are its pawn, our one wrong step will spoil the whole game, we need to take every step carefully, as everyone around us is ready to pull us down; leaving behind they will move forward. We have to reach the destination and protect ourselves from the pawns also. We have to kill our enemies wisely. One wrong move will spoil the the whole game; the alone Wazir will enter our house and kill us.

Life is like a chess game the save game has a lot of importance for the conscience and Human conscience in life, we should use a lot of thinking and understanding; if we die due to some reason, then our life is over.

Always seek to empower yourself, not to put yourself at a disadvantage. If you want to achieve success, never close your mind to any option. Try your hardest at everything you do, otherwise, what’s the point? No one has even won a game of chess by taking only forward moves. Sometimes you have to move backwards to take better steps forward. That's life!!