Today, we are living in a world dominated by the media. The mass media, especially television, is increasingly occupying the central stage in our lives. Most homes in cities have access to television. Many are now acquiring more than one set to meet the needs of different members of the family. It is a great source of socializing between the people know a day. People spent most of the time chatting about the serials or the programs they watch, which help people to initiate communication between them.

The newspapers are also a huge socializing platform where any announcements or the news reaches to a large number of people at a time. It led to the discussions in the parliament and increase the communication chances between the members.

Advertising also plays a major role in communication be it through newspapers or online. The reach and influence of advertising are truly mind-boggling as its tentacles reach into every home and heart today.

The television spreads the latest news to the viewers, be it national or international or any crime news or geographical news which help in making people aware of the mishappenings around the world. With provision for 24-hour telecast and many channels, exposure to television is increasing and is particularly high among children.

It is the best entertainment, they get in there free time. They usually gather around the T.V. to watch movies and help in making bond, enjoying their holidays and lead to Gossips.

The power of social media is immense, if it is used in right ways it will become the widespread network in connecting people sitting miles far away and also use as a marketing tool like the companies are now making social accounts on Instagram, Facebook, etc. to get in touch with the customers directly. The trend of marketing on social media is so wide it helps people in setting up their business and connects to the customers worldwide.

The radio and the advanced technology are able to rescue people from sudden disasters by sharing news to social sites which save the lives of thousands and millions of people. The prime minister Narendra Modi is able to express and pass their views known as “Mann Ki Baat” through social media which help to gather the whole country people together and help in the development of the nation.

Most companies give jobs to people online through social media and able to contact them through it and sharing details about the content online. They give forms to fill and submit it online. The whole process goes through social media. They organize different competitions and seminars and share it on a social website to attract the customers towards there companies, giving gift vouchers and discounts.

Social media basically refers to the communication between humans or sharing information through technology like computers, mobiles on the internet.

The social media accounts like Facebook, Hangouts, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and a lotta more. Are the trending social sites which help people to connect with each other through pictures, videos, posters, selfies etc.sharimg their stories with their friends and family. Chatting, sending voice messages, stickers, GIFs are common now.

It helps people to get in touch with each other irrespective of how they are busy, it always relaxes the ones own self, refreshes and leaving the loneliness away in one way of wind.

It is the fastest mode to transmit information to one another within no time.



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