How Is Digital Marketing Helpful For Businesses?

Vanshika Agarwal
Aug 06, 2019   •  11 views

Today, the online opportunities are continuously increasing because a user's online experience is not limited to checking emails. People play games, look for content, buy products and services and gain knowledge. This opportunity is constantly evolving and it is beneficial for every business to take hold of this opportunity and turn it into an advantage.

Sachin, an aspiring entrepreneur starts a Cafe in the city that goes by the name 'The Binging Spree' . It boasts aesthetic interiors for today's photo savvy youngsters and mouth-watering dishes to tickle their taste buds and rejuvenate their senses. Sachin has used all traditional lines of communication to spread the word about his shop that includes word of mouth marketing, flyers and in-store displays. Now he wants to take it up a notch and digitise his marketing techniques. The question that arises is how can he do it and how will he profit from it.

First, let us talk about a very inexpensive and convenient means to take your business online i.e online directories. Anyone can expand his business using various online directories. In case of the above example Sachin can list his business in online directories like Google my business and get started. Now whenever people will look for Cafes in the city the shop's name will come up. This will help his business get exposure which essential because unless people know about you they won't think about you when they want to utilize your services. It also helps in getting more traffic to your website.

Having a website may be fruitful for a business. A cafe owner may upload various pictures of food, people enjoying and getting pictures clicked etc. on the website. This may induce prospective customers to visit the shop. In the age of home delivery where people love having anything and everything delivered to their doorstep, he could also offer facilities such as online selling. He may also include a map that may help customers reach the place without any hindrance.

Thus, a website has various benefits but they are of no use unless a lot of people actually visit the website. Here the concept of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation comes into place. In simple words SEO is the process of increasing the website traffic so that the website returns high on search results lists returned by any search engine. Say, a group of friends want to go for an outing so they switch on their mobile phones and type 'Best Cafes in the city' on Google. Now if the search engine returns Sachin's website as a top result, people are going to click the website link and probably visit the place. This is only possible when Sachin has carefully optimised his website keeping in mind the customer's demands. Thus, SEO is another popular way of increasing website traffic and building trust and credibility. The key is to establish a strong foundation and provide a smooth and pleasant user experience.

Another it word for this generation is Social Media. Saying that social media has taken up the world by storm is an understatement. Facebook alone has an average of 1.6 billion daily active users. Thus, it would be natural for businesses to take hold of this opportunity. They can set up accounts on various social media platforms based on their goals and overall objectives. For example in case of a B2B business model a profile on LinkedIn may be more suited and in case of a B2C model a Facebook or Instagram profile would complement the business more. SMM or Social Media Marketing helps increase customer base, improve brand awareness and create brand loyalty. However, one needs to understand that Social Media is not a one way street. Thus by interacting with customers and ensuring that their needs are fulfilled a firm can increase customer satisfaction through social media.

We have talked about how a brand can make itself known in the digital world. But the question remains- Why is important to use these strategies and not just stick to age old tradition. Well, the world is moving on and so should we. The business world is a dynamic environment that is constantly changing and if a business does not adapt itself it will not just lose, it will be crushed. We have seen how big brands like Amazon and Walmart enter the market and replace various small businesses. Digital marketing can help small businesses to level the playing field. Moreover, Digital Marketing is a very targeted approach. You need not waste money sending your message to someone who is unlikely to buy your product or access your service. Using various tools used for analytics you can determine how successful your campaign was. In this case you can actually determine how many people saw your advertisement, whether they like it or not, whether they shared it with a friend or if that advertisement actually led to any sale. You can also know more about the people who you target like who is most interested in your ad and what can be done to prompt them to take action.

Businesses in today's modern economy where people prefer to stick their screens than anything else need digital marketing to compete and win. Online is where people are, it's where they would rather be and it's where they prefer you reach them.