Life has become a hashtag!

Ain't this true? Because we have become the gram generation! Not the regular mass unit gram rather the Instagram's gram. According to a recent poll and study India is the third country that has the most fake instagram IDs. 5.2% of our population are vigorous Instagram users. This generation has definitely lost the charisma of having a life outside the phone. Because their every activity is somehow related to promoting a good photographic or videographic content for the popularity of their IDs.

There was this time, when people used social networks for the purpose of chatting and meeting new people. NOw, Instagram is the new age social media which is used to promote the social status of a human being indirectly. People do not forbid to post their daily activities, and have started living in that particular frame. They eventually live their lives only thiking or doing it for their account promotions.

Vacations are no more the same until something worthy and flaunty could be uploaded with a #vacay_vibes!. Similarly, a dress is no more a dress, it has suddenly changed to #ootd or #ootn! Eating food is no more the same affair if the place cannot be tagged or the food has nothing new to it! People prefer being food bloggers more tahn eating food.

With the changing atmosphere and the growing savyness of technology, people have started publicising their feelings. And not normally, by expressing through messages rather sharing weird depressing quotes and sad relatable songs! Some people believe in removing their display pictures and vanish from form social sites to show their resentment. But, among all these they never forget to mention their favourite hastags! #bad_day #life #hard_life are trending due to people like them. A life without phone has become unimaginable for all of us and it is always a matter of concern whether we all ever be out of it.



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Great observation, Atithee!