We all know that India is a religious country and Indians have a huge belief in god. The number of Hindu temples in India is a puzzle. Nobody bothered to count them, because they are innumerable. Moreover, Hindus are not that keen to record such immaterial things. 

A Tamil proverb says don't live in a town where there is no temple.
A Sanskrit proverb says seeing a temple tower gives you a 10 million good things.

There are various things that the temple teaches us in life such as-

•  Temples teach you good things are never destroyed by looking at how many years they have been standing in spite of thousands of foreign invasions.

•  Temples teach your community spirit. They teach us to think together, work together and execute together.

•  Temples keep you fit mentally and physically. Temples are huge, when you walk through the corridors, you do big exercise. The festivals in temples lift your spirit.

•  Temples are powerhouses. They motivate us, they give us the power to stand still when life is stuck with lots of problems.

•  Temples help you to focus attention.

Surely everyone has their own beliefs and we can’t criticize anyone’s beliefs. But these are some of the views of the people I have received. But there are around 3.01 million that are places of worship, more than the number of schools and colleges ( 2.1 million).

We are an ancient nation and our monuments and architectural wonders antiquities. Let’s preserve it, not for religious reasons or for a political edge but to be able to share it with our coming generations so that they can marvel at the magnificence of these edifices just like we are able to.