Domestic Violence : Are You Suffering From The Hands Of Your Loved Ones ?

Ankita Saloni
May 24, 2019   •  7 views

Let's start this with a story.

"You are really lucky to have such a wonderful husband. He is rich, buys expensive gifts for you, owns many bungalows, has luxurious cars and also surprises you with foreign trips every once in a while. Moreover he is so kind, caring, gentle and compassionate. He is the most amazing human being I've ever met in my life.”, said one of her friends.

"Not a human being, just a Homo Sapien, devoid of any emotions.", murmured his teary eyed wife, hiding the bruises on her face with the makeup brush.

Is it your story or feels something similar?

Have you been through the same from the hands of your loved one.
If yes, then my dear, it's not love, no matter what circumstances may have arisen, it is not even a bit of Love. It is something more cruel and scary.

Yes, it is domestic violence.
Trusting someone with all what we have and getting only black and blue bruises on your body, is not considered love.

It is not a sign of masculinity, but a sign of cowardice.
Hurting a woman, either for dowry, for land, money, due to physical desires or out of frustration, everything comes under it.

Those who experience the Pain know that it is terrible, but what is even worse is the thought, the feeling that their loved one hurt them and gave them an ugly scar to cherish for lifetime.

In patriarch dominated societies where domestic violence is ingested in their mind from childhood, men become so accustomed to such deeds that they find it their fundamental right to beat their wife black and blue for even the slightest of the mistakes that she makes.

Why are we so hell bent to make the life of woman a burning hell, that also in her own house of in-laws.

Isn't it the violation of Right to equality and freedom ?
Everyone would agree here but inside we all know, that we have witnessed or heard many such cases in our lives but we chose to ignore and pretend that it never happened.

This is the problem with the society that gives encouragement to such wrong doers.

Domestic violence is a Crime and whoever does this is a criminal.
There are many helplines running to save women from such cruel conditions and to support them financially.

But the main responsibility is ours.
We can not remain mute spectators whenever something like this happens.
It is high time to stand together and say NO to Domestic Violence.

A woman deserves to be safe, whether it's her country, her city or her home.