Everyone has that long-distance best friend, whom they miss. About whom they can speak for hours, they’re proud of the bond they share with that best friend.

Luckily, I have few long-distance best friends and I do miss all of them a lot. But today I am going to share a story about my school best friend. And how we’ve had so many obstacles making it difficult for us to retain our bond. However, we fought them all and were successful in maintaining what we have.

So, we used to go to the school together and had same coaching classes. We used to spend almost 24*7 with each other. And even after spending the whole day together we could spend hours over talking on phone. We had a secret adda (a place where people gather for conversation) where we used talk about all the things that are bothering us. And then make sense out of each other’s mess by guiding/ advising to cope up with the pressures of life. On every Thursday, something weird used to happen with us like either we almost met with an accident or there’s too much traffic on the road that we’re late to our coaching class or its raining and we don’t have our rain coats on and a lot of other weird stuff. During our board exams we used to wait for the other one to reach to the centre, even if it makes us late for the exam because it was more important to see and wish each other before the exam.

We were even given a bizarre new pen name by combining our names because we used to be always be together. I still remember wearing similar outfit to our school farewell. Everyone that day smiled at us and asked did we plan to coordinate our outfit. Well, we did not plan but it was coolest coincidence happened to me.

However, there is an end to a phase no matter how much you love being in that phase and you have to keep moving coz life doesn’t stop. This hit us when we had given our board exams and now, we were preparing for our college entrances. She got her college in same town but I had to go far away to another city.

Soon, the day came when we were spending my last day in the town before joining the college. I still remember we were both scared. We had this new phase of life knocking over our doors and unfortunately, we wouldn’t have each other on beck and call here. We were crying in a busy market, went on our last ride on scooty. And wished each other Goodluck.

We knew it is difficult to maintain the amazing bond we share because when it comes to long distance friendships, it is really hard to keep them intact. For few months after that we tried having regular phone call sessions. It was tough for both of us to adjust with the change. We both were afraid of losing each other. Followed by, the reducing number of phone calls like one call conversation in a month and our conversations had turn into were now mere formality ones. It was disturbing to go from being each other’s human journal, to not sharing anything for months. Although we kept our calm and tried engaging ourselves with the college life.

Then one day, I got a call from her and we had a long two-hour talk. We cleared our misunderstanding, shared things we couldn’t during that time. And it occurred to me how easy it was for both of us to bridge that gap even when we reached the bottom rock of our relation.

I realised that we could manage save our bond from being damaged for life because we both were equally crazy to keep this intact. We loved each other, cared for each other to the level where ego could never come between us.

Therefore, no doubt it is hard to have a long-distance best friend and share that same vibe, which you had earlier. But as it is said “some things never change”. It doesn’t mean that the situation will be on a constant, instead it refers to the fact that both the people have to understand the changing situations and then evolve their bond with them, because change is the new constant in life.



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