Friendship’s day passed a few days back and people got carried away in the emotions of friendships and missed their distant friends. The most popular social media platform wasn’t much behind in increasing this vibe of importance and the feelings associated with friendships. Browse the Instagram and all one would see and related to, would be friendship quotes. The trend of this year went more towards the friends who live far away and don’t meet very often.

The concept of long distance relationships was always there in the minds of people in addition to which people also believed in the fact that your friends are as important in your life as your partners. Someone must have wondered that if distance affects people in their relationships, it might as well affect them in their friendships. People might not have realised the fact but it is the truth, one gets less of time, one finds more people and the time just gets divided. But these posts have made people realise what they felt.

It is something each one knows and must be okay with, that you just cannot spend your whole life with a single group of friends. Life takes you to unexpected places, different schools, different colleges, transfer of your parents and other unavoidable circumstances. Though each new phase of your life gives you a chance to meet new people and build new friendships, the old ones are always missed.

All that matters in these situations is the trust. Trust is itself a very strong feeling whose existence is not in the hands of any person. And this is the one feeling that gives each long distance friendship the hope they need. As what cannot be overlooked is the fact that once you start trusting someone, you will get closer and closer.

As bad and upsetting the concept of Long Distance friendship sounds, it is just what one needs in some certain situations. Sometimes, someone who knows only your side of the story gives you an advice or suggestion which you want to hear and thus makes you feel much better in the most difficult situations. But keeping in touch with them is what you need.

If you are very close to your friend and you understand each other, it can be guaranteed that you won’t lose each other in the worst of the situations. All you need to do to strengthen your friendship is to remember them and let them know that you care. As it is commonly said “Distance doesn’t break friendships, silence does”.