Replace Fear Of The Unknown By Curiosity!

Anjali Arora
Apr 21, 2019   •  10 views
Never lose a holy curiosity – Albert Einstein

How often are you curious about things?

Like, the urge to know about how things work. Or maybe who that stranger is standing in front of you.

This passion for understanding bizarre things, usually helps us to gain awareness about a lot of new things and provide insights about something that we must be previously perplexing about.

Although the solutions or the answers are not always linear. We lead from a number of problems, followed by a series of confusion. And finally reach to a totally new solution for a totally different problem.

It is like we are born curious!

Right from the time when we were little kids, we inculcate the habit of learning through observing, emulating processes and asking questions.

One of the first questions we learned as a young child was “why”. We used to love the process of understanding the meaning of little things around us.

However, as we grew older somewhere down the line our habit of inquiring and going to depth for the meaning of the little things turns into a source of embarrassment.

We began to feel self-conscious while asking a question. Before asking a question thought like if our question is worth asking or has some weightage; started to hit us. We fear revealing vulnerability or lack of knowledge which can be too intrusive.

A poorly asked question could be a source of ridicule, we all have been made to feel embarrassed after we have asked a question to a question, answer of which we should have known.

Although, asking powerful questions is not an interrogation. Instead it is a conversational. It can facilitate a conversation that flows with a natural rhythm.

Being curious about something and asking questions regarding it is a way open door to new realities and sometimes provide the most unexpected results.

To facilitate intimate conversations, it is important to let go of our preconceived answers and expectations. We need to listen with childlike curiosity and to be open and receptive. Constructively inquire and look at the answers as a gateway to opportunities to more conversations.

Curiosity can be a gateway to unexpected meaningful relationships. Approach everyday with the wondering eyes of the child. Know that the answer to every problem exists. Stay curious and ask powerful questions fearlessly. Because all the answers are there.