Be The Right Person And Make An Effort!

Anjali Arora
Apr 21, 2019   •  9 views
The world is starving for original and decisive leadership. – Bryant H. McGill

We often spend time anticipating the right time and the right place to act over things. Hence, playing out scenarios that will never occur and then maybe taking action or talking themselves out of the equation. And gradually rationalizing inactivity.

Sometimes we do nothing and hope beyond hope that the right answer will magically materialize, without us putting any effort. And everything will fall into place.

We want the answer to the problems or complex situations laid down before us without having to get in the game. Like all we want to do is just to show up and watch the things unfold on its own and not have to do anything more than assuming the role of spectator.

We give ourselves the excuse that the only reason we are not working or actively finding a solution is because it is just not the right time. But the irony is this path of reluctance towards putting effort leads us to automatically changing ourselves.

This change is not a good one. We start giving up learning opportunities. We neglect the importance of new skills which can be gained through experiences. Eventually, lose our self-respect.

However, if you want something, it will always come at a cost. You will have to get up and work to achieve it. You need to get up and get it yourself. You need to be prepared and put your move into action, quickly and decisively.

Once you start putting effort you will become more self-assured. You will change into a being humble about your personal achievements. You will feel confident about yourself and about what you do. You will not feel the need of others validating you every second.

Hence, you will be able to create opportunities and find answers through activity, perseverance and focus. As moving forward with a purpose perpetuates purpose, questions asked lead to better questions and answers lead to right solution.

Purposeful action will open doors to sufficient information which will help making informed decisions. It will also help to understand the amount of risk taken and hence give an insight about the requirement for an alternative plan of action or to find better solution.

So, what are you waiting for? Start today. Put efforts to find solution to the problems. Work efficiently towards your goal. Do not wait for things to magically fall into place because that will never happen.Be the right person and make an effort!