Self - All That Life Counts On!!

Gautam Sharma
Oct 05, 2019   •  30 views

Relationships,responsibilities,work is all that we are surrounded by at every single point in our life but we never try questioning this to ourselves for what are we doing all this , having so much stress about small things and having big expectations from new bonds and over reacting to things happening. Is there seriously any strong purpose for doing all this , the only answer to this is YES . The reason why we all face this is because of ourselves , doing these actions and learning from all these is what comes under Self-Investment , one topic that no one talks about .


The most important treasure of life is to discover how to invest in yourself , because that’s how you’ll come to know how to invest your what part of life where? And according to me this is the only root question to which everyone wants an answer, the problem is people don’t even realize that they are investing time in something that is not productive and even if they do they feel helpless in solving that situation.So we here need to discuss how to approach that thing,to which i think what makes you happy and is done with your conscious is however productive,maybe it would not help you in long term but that short term happiness that you’ll get by doing that is precious.The only thing is that it is not something criminal or illegal which i don’t think any mature person would do.


So that’s all for today , here we conclude with the fact that answer to every problem lies in Self ,the more you introspect yourself more solved your life would get……