We all start the year or the month or the day with lots of hope and goals in our head. By the time the sun sets down, we might or might not have achieved all of them. If you have then, perfect, you have figured out a way to make it work for you. If you haven’t then well, maybe you are just not quite there yet. The trick is to break down your big ambitious goals into small chunks which you can digest every day. If you thought I was talking about habits, then yes you are right, I am talking about building good habits. Here are right steps which will help you build any habit that you might want to.

One habit at a time
As tempting it might be to indulge yourself in changing everything about you that might not be the most ideal way to go about it. We want change a lot of things about ourselves and might want to work on self-development. But understand that you can’t change it all over night. Instead of focusing on multiple habits, focus on one habit at a time and channel your will power into the single task. Once you are done, you can move on to the next habit.

Commit for at least 30 days
When it comes to the time span which is required for building a new habit, it might differ from person to person. There is no fixed number of days, which will make an action, a habit for you. For some people it takes 22 days, for some people, it might take 66 days. When you get started, you will realize the amount of time, it will take for you. The essential step of course is to get started and to continue till you engage in the action on an auto pilot mode.

New habits on old habits
This is a good trick to establish new habits, based on your old habits. All you have to do it to select a habit that you want to develop and attach it before or after a habit that you already have. Simple. For instance, if you already have a habit of driving home from work in your car, try to switch to your workout clothes before you drive off and take a short walk in the parking lot. Or try to follow a workout session with a fruit.

Start slow
You can’t deep dive into it and expect your world to flip overnight. You need to take baby steps towards developing that new habit. Sign up for a commitment so low that you can’t deny it at all. When you create micro commitments you ensure that you don’t miss on each day and are more likely to get started in the first place. Take small baby steps rather than jumping or leaping in the first go itself.