3 Things I Learnt From Robin Sharma

Akshat Sharma
Mar 13, 2020   •  3 views

Hi wrytin community,

I love reading books and mostly self-help books. Robin Sharma is one of the best writers, I have ever came across.

The way he perceives a situation, is simply great, his ideas sound like the tip of an iceberg. They sound really simple but have an amazing impact on your life. That is why, I want to share some of his best ideas and techniques which I came across reading his books.

Here are 3 ideas I learnt from Robin Sharma

1. Sets - according to Robin, our overall growth cannot occur, if we continue to work in just one single direction. Our live is divided into 4 separate dimensions and there should be a balance maintained between them for proper personal growth and an awesome life. He calls them as 4 interior empires of our life but I like to call them ‘sets’ These 4 sets are:-

Mindset -> your mindset describes your intellect, your perception and tour thinking skills. Any goal you achieve, any habit you create, any product you will innovate. All this highly depends on your mindset. So, you must keep it active.

Heartset -> As, your mindset describe how can you achieve a goal, your heartset tells you What goal should you run after. It has to do with your passion, your will power and that fire in the belly which energizes you to stand up and chase your dream. And if you don’t have any dreams, you are free to die.

Soulset -> this is the most crucial of them all as this basically describes you as a human. This dimension of yours controls your emotions like empathy, kindness, gratitude and spirituality. Your soulset makes you aware about your own consciousness.

Healthset-> your healthset is as simple as it sounds. It determines your health status, your fitness level, you physique and your eating habits.

If all these interior empire are at a top notch level then, you probably are the best version of yourself.

2. Journaling - almost every successful individual have a common habit, which is that they do journaling consistently. You see journaling is like a multi-purpose habit for you. You can do anything with that pen and paper in hand. You can use your journal in the following ways:-

Blessing list-> we humans from the primitive period tend to think more negativity. This is scientifically coined as negativity bias. It helped us ages ago, when we had to go and hunt out our food but now a days, this negativity leads to cases like depression. So, for that we should constantly and deliberately tells our mind that how blessed we are. This is called deliberate gratitude. This fills you with a unique kind of positivity to take new actions and also will increase your performance by many folds.

Your goals and dreams -> you can also pen down your goals and ambition but you have to do it with accurate precision. You must be sure about every small detail of your goal and must write it, because super achievers always know what thing they are targeting exactly.

Your feelings-> your best friend is a paper because it just listens to you calmly and patiently. So, you feel, be it stress, anger or sadness. Just pour it on that paper and you can get rid of it.

And you can write many more things according to your own will.

3. 5 a.m. club - this is frankly one of the most interesting clubs ever. To join this club you literally need nothing. No registration, no membership and no time to time meetings. You just need to wake up at 5:00 a.m. in the morning and that’s it. But why 5:00 a.m.? The whole idea is to wake up earlier than the world. So, that you can use that extra time to work on your dream. Not only this, 5 a.m. is also the time when you can be free from all distractions as your phone is not buzzing regularly. But the next question what to do after you wake up? Robin answers it saying that we should play the 20/20/20 game. What it means is after you wake at five. Divide your next one hour in three equal segments, each of 20 minutes. It means we need to do

20 minutes of exercise

20 minutes of thinking

20 minutes of learning

Use the first 20 minutes to exercise, walk around, wake up each and every muscle of your body and prepare yourself for the day .

The next 20 minutes are dedicated to thinking self introspection and meditation. It is the time where you can journal and look into you.

The last twenty minutes are dedicated to learning. Here you can read a book, listen to podcast or attend a course. Do anything but learn because if you are not learning, then you are dying.

After this one hour, you will be full of energy, positivity and active. And you would be ready for your next step.

These are my personal favourite three ideas that Mr. Robin Sharma taught me.

According to him, with these ideas we all can be geniuses. Genius is less about genetics and more about your habits. It is less about your inner talent and more about your core belief, daily routine, the people that you are around and the environments that you are in.

So, go ahead. Life is short and you must start owning your genius right now.

Keep changing, keep growing.