How many of you share your feelings, thoughts, idea and fears to some one? Most of you must be sharing each and every thing to your love ones or special ones. But you know what  honestly you are not sharing exact thing or I must say true things which are inside you may be because of fear of judgement or fear of feeling ashamed, and many more. 

I'm a person who believes when no one is there for you, one person is always there for you to listen your thoughts, your true feelings and emotions and dear thats you yourself . No one knows and understands you better than yourself.

There is no one for you except you.

Dilema of heart and mind. 

It happens usually that we get confused because of the different opinions of our heart and our mind .

Only few can bring the difference to zero and according to me this is quite difficult. 

But for us who are not among those few. We can just create an equilibrium between our heart and mind. You know what equilibrium means..? It means the point where there is maximum input and maximum output. Here we are not considering profit or loss, what is to be considered here the best or optimal output.

To get optimal output or to create equilibrium, one shoud have,


Yes! you got it right self talking, spending time with yourself, discussing honestly is one the best way to bring out your equilibrium.  As this will lead to reduce your frustration, increase in expression of emotions. 

For this you can follow these tips:

  • Find time for yourself in the beginning or in the end of the day. 

  • Start talking about your day with yourself. 

  • Start listing good habits and bad habits.

  • Think and discuss with yourself how you can overcome your bad habits.

This may seem crazy “talking to yourself” but it is necessary to know your happiness and sadness and making yourself less dependent on others for your moods. 

Your happiness and sadness depends on you not on others.

If you  are not fine with the conversation method, you can opt for:

  • Writing a dairy daily or weekly. 

  • Write down three good and bad things you did in a day. 

    Writing is also a good way to know yourself better.. 

  • I hope this will help you to understand the value of yourself…and you  will strat spending time with your heart and mind more than think about others opinions and thoughts. 

    Last Mantra is,

    Never lie to ourself. 

    Successful and smart people know best about themselves they know what there weakness are and how to overcome them they never lie to to themselves. Be honest about your thoughts, ideas, opinions and feelings to yourself.

    Keep smiling and  say i love youI'm proud of you to yourself ..

    Thank you.

    By Nandita Rana.