Sometimes in life you meet certain people that are just chapters in your story, maybe one or two,maybe ten or eleven but at the end of the arc,it’s time for them to leave and for you to let them go.

Think about it.Take a jog through memory lane and really think about it.I bet some of you already have a clear face in your mind,while others are blissfully unaware. It’s okay,your time will come.

People will always come and go,leaving an impact on you in different ways.Grief and loss is common,as are jealousy,frustration and heartbreak.Doesn’t make it any less painful,but in the midst of darkness,when you’re in despair and you don’t understand why this is happening to you,learn,that it happens to everyone and you can always come out victorious if you choose not to destroy yourself.The choice is simple.Walk towards the light,make better choices for yourself.Actively realize that nothing is worth self destruction. Nobody is worth it.

When the time comes,you’ll meet someone who’s going to have all your attention and emotions,someone you’ll get attached to easily,someone who matches dreams and fantasies you fed yourself when you were young. Attention is given,received,exchanged.It grows,manifesting in a short while into a loud crescendo that leaves you on highs unimaginable. Oh, the full feeling in your heart.

But not all of us are lucky enough to happily see the wonderful music to it’s end.Most of us end up falling off the high,ending up in a huge,messy crash that will leave our ears ringing for quite a while.

People leave impacts.Everyone you meet does.But letting one person and your experience with them arrest your entire process of growth?It’s not worth it. Be it friendship or a relationship,whoever it is that snatched your attention,had your heart or your loyalty but tossed it aside or it just didn’t work out,is not worth any amount of self hate.

In the end,it’s just you,and the world.If you don’t learn to put yourself first, you won’t be able to pick yourself up after you take a bad fall.

Footprints in the sand are ephemeral,but those left in the heart can take longer to disappear.Some never do.But the point is to learn and grow from it,feel,let the emotions that threaten to consume you ebb and flow out of your body in healthier ways.Cry,take your time.But then move forward because you have plenty of footprints to cross and cover.

And leave behind as your own.