Child Labour Is A Big Threat To India.

Amir Ansari
Jul 17, 2019   •  7 views

Child Labour has become a big problem to India and to it's development growth. India has more illiterate people than literate just because of CHILD LABOUR .

So many people are poor in India, they don't have any sources for the living and even they are unable to have two times proper meal so how they gonna give compulsory education to their children. That's why just because of lack of money people are forcing their children to work in factories, hotels and some small tea shops etc. Their children have become their means of living and children could earn at footpaths, traffic signals and small shops easily.

In nineteenth to twentieth century Britain had large numbers of child labour, and children were made to go inside the chimney, climb on it and clean the coal, that was the job. They were small, short in hight and perfect for the job like chimney sweeper.

Similarly in India children are forcefully being thrown into so many Labour works like : children are being thrown into hotels job, to clean rooms, washrooms and toilets and also they're being thrown in some small shops to take care the customers and the shops.

Areas like, rural areas have shown huge numbers of Child Labour .

In villages children are working in fields with their families so that they could earn more money but unable to get proper education. Their future is being wasted by working day and night without education and without good health.

Numbers are really high in Rural areas as compare to the Urban area.

States like, Uttar Pradesh, Madhey Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and other states have recorded a lot number of cases of Child Labour.

Thankfully The Indian Government has passed a law in that Child labour was punishable on the article of 24 and under 15 years old children come in this law . And many innocent children are being saved daily and also they could get good education and healthy life so that their future could become better and brighter. According to this law if anybody is seen making children work in their factories, hotels or shops so they'll be sent behind the bars and will have to pay a big amount of fine, including punishments.

And also many other private organizations are initiating for the prevention of Child Labour. They have opened so many small institutions which could help children to become aware of the bad things around them.

Despite all of these initiatives we're still having so many cases of Children Labour and it has become a big concern to our country. We all need to raise our voice for child labour prevention so they could be treated good and get good education. As government made it compulsory to get education and they are providing it free and that's really a good initiative by the government.

We all need to look around us and where ever we see any child working in any hotels, factories or shops, we should complaint about that immediately to the police so that police could file a case on the owner and make children free.

It's all start with initiative so don't think a lot and initiate first.



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