How Domestic Violence Can Effect Child Pyschology?

Nonisha Das
Jul 28, 2019   •  8 views

Child psychology is extremely sensitive and catches every little aspect of life which depends on things happening around himself and the way the parents behaves with them.

The way parents behaves would generally be adapted by the child because he doesn't really have any idea about what is wrong or right. So, it's the parents who have to take care of the fact that they act according to the best of the child's interest. Because they may not feel it very important and think that the child can think for himself but it's not really the case always.

Parents must realize the fact that the way they act or behave around their child is certainly going to leave a lifelong effect in their mind state be it positive or other way round, as they don't know what to take or what to discard so they'll just accept everything you led in front of them.

You may think that your kid will eventually forget the bad things but trust me, they won't because it is this very age where a little bit of everything just gets stuck in their mind for the rest of their lifetime. No matter how sometimes, Child would want not to remember certain memories he will because that's what you surrounded him with.

Any child who had suffered physical or mental harassment from their parents would tell how much those memories are haunting for them. I'm not against strict parents who are strict trying to get their child in the right path. But, everything has its own way of implementing of course you should punish your child when he's wrong but not to the point where he starts feeling alienated to you. You can't make your children the way of letting out your own frustrations which parents mostly do.

And, most importantly parents shouldn't fight violently among themselves before children, that's the one thing no child should suffer as it's indeed becomes very traumatic for the child to cope up with the violence he's experiencing at his own home where he's supposed to feel safe and not afraid of. After coming home from school he's supposed to share everything to you rather than locking himself in his room because he's afraid how you would react to his silly talks, where he'd feel more comfortable being elsewhere besides he just want to avoid his parents fight at home.

He's not at fault, that is how a child must feel. A child must have his family where he can feel safe from anywhere else and find his peace among his parents. Parents may not always be perfect but they can be the model for their own child always.