Say Goodbye To Your Evening Hunger With Evening Snacks Recipes South India

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Oct 08, 2019   •  50 views

Evening snacks are usually full of calories as we wish to have sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and more with not to forget extra cheese in it. But to satisfy your hunger it is not necessary to always choose the unhealthy food as you can prefer to the South Indian snacks recipes which are much healthier than the other junk food.

Sometimes, yes you can go with noodles, Pani puri, Sev puri, samosa, bhajiya, etc and have a cheat day for yourself but the inclusion of such food in your everyday diet is not good for your health. After a long day at offices, people do like to have some snacks in the evening which makes them feel refreshed.

So why not try healthy options in the evening so that you satisfy your hunger and at the same time have something good for your body.

Best Evening snacks recipes south India

1. Stuffed idli

Some new stuffing in idli gives it a new twist. It may be a potato or any tempting masalas. When you are bored by eating normal idli this recipe is the savior that gives you uniqueness in having idli. You can use either Rava idli or normal idli to make the stuffed obes and serve to your tired husband coming back from the office in the evening or your children who are just willing to have something good as a snack.

The same procedure is used to make stuffed idli which is used to make a normal one and its instant and easy to prepare.


Stuffed - Source: Hebbar's Kitchen

2. Thattai

Thattai is a very famous rice recipe which re deep fried and also made of urad dal and various herbs which is a great healthy snack for your family. Thatthai has different recipes in different states and each of its variations is equally delicious. There texture and taste may change but it is also loved to eat by everyone in the house. Try this recipe to know why south Indians love it so much.

3. Pasarattu

Pasarattu or pesara dosa is mung bean dosa that looks like a crepe-like bread and it can also be said a recipe similar to dosa. It tastes amazing when eaten with ginger and tamarind chutney. There are several ingredients like green chilies, onions, garlic, and more which gives it a much likely taste and texture.

4. Vermicelli upma

Vermicelli upma is a very popular South Indian breakfast recipe that could be eaten as a snack as well for the people who wants to eat healthy and delicious food at hunger times in the evening. This recipe can be cooked in just 20 minutes and it has its name so because it is made of vermicelli which is a type of pasta similar to spaghetti.


Vermicelli Upma- Source: Flavours On Plate

5. Aloo Bonda

Aloo Bonda is a must to eat South Indian snacks. Bonda is nothing but fritter in the shape of round balls that are stuffed with potatoes. This is also said to be a south Indian version of the batata vada which is a famous dish in Maharashtra.

6. Banana chips

It is an interesting deep-fried snack that is made up of raw banana. It is a munching evening snack from a kid to an adult everyone loves to eat. This snack has its popularity and comes in different shapes, sizes, and even in various tastes. The recipe is quick to prepare and a great hunger solution.

7. Murukku

Murukku is a very tempting, crunchy, and savory snacks that the people in Southern India are delightful to eat. Its name comes from a Tamil word meaning twisted and so it is. In India, people like to eat murukku and also carry it in trains for a long journey or for picnics as a simple snack to eat.


Murukku- Source: Swasthi’s Recipe

8. Punugullu

Again a warming snack made from rice much healthy to eat and get your ever desiring evening hunger to an end. This dish is easy to make and deep-fried for giving it a crunchy taste.

9. Medu vada

Medu vada is made up of Vigna mungo and it looks like a doughnut. You can enjoy a crispy touch outside and a softer taste inside that make it a perfect evening snack and even in South India people love to have it in their breakfast. It tastes awesome when had white coconut chutney.


Medu Vada- Source: Archana’s Kitchen

10. Dosa

A South Indian dishes without the name of the dosa is just incomplete. Dosa is liked by everyone and it is made of Rava that why it is a light and healthy evening snack. There are now different variations in dosa which people can enjoy its amazing taste.

So no more burgers and pizza and let's switch to something healthy for good health.