Best Restaurants In Discovery Gardens To Have An Amazing Breakfast

Mohit Verma
Apr 29, 2020   •  7 views

Who doesn’t like a hearty breakfast to begin their day? Yes, it’s the most important meal of the day and that’s why one should eat breakfast like a king. If you are traveling to Dubai and looking for the best restaurants in Discovery Gardens and the surrounding area, you need not fret! We have hunted the city to locate some of the top places that serve breakfast. So here is our list.



Imagine going through a culinary journey starting from the Middle East and going to Asia and much beyond with multiple options to try from the live cooking stations. Mistral offers an international and all-day-dining whipping up freshly-cooked delicacies that are inspired by the Moorish and Arabesque kitchens. This place is a must-visit if you are in Discovery Gardens in Dubai.

Revo Café

Experience an assortment of delectable healthy dishes made using the freshest ingredients in this classic eatery with a stupendous contemporary interior. If you want to rewind in the casual atmosphere, order a freshly brewed coffee with some lip-smacking pastries or go for a delicious light meal anytime during the day.

La Brioche

Love French? Head to this casual eatery which offers a welcoming and relaxed setting which is just perfect to enjoy wholesome cuisine. This restaurant in Discovery Gardens impeccably combines traditional recipes with modern nouvelle cuisine. Each dish is made with passion and topped up with love and warmth. La Brioche gets its inspiration from the rustic countryside of France and it sure is one of the best places to have breakfast if you are visiting Dubai.

Hari Prasad Pure Veg Restaurant

Looking for pure vegetarian food? Try popular South Indian dishes at Hari Prasad Pure Veg Restaurant in Discovery Gardens. Their best-selling dish is Mysore Masala Dosa and many other kinds of Dosa. They also serve delectable North Indian dishes and other vegetarian dishes from the state of Karnataka, particularly Udupi and Mangalore style.

Verdura Mediteranean Restaurant

Located in the famed Persia Court, Verdura is a Mediterranean fine dining restaurant that offers flavors from Greece, Lebanon, Italy, and Syria. Their scrumptious preparations not only make for a memorable meal, but the architecture in this classy restaurant also reconnects you with all the elements of nature. If you are looking for an earthy and comforting space where you could feel relaxed within Mediterranean type trees and greenery, then this one is a must-try.


Craving for a strong cup of coffee? Imagine rejuvenating with your dose of caffeine in a Persian architectural icon! Yes, you can relish your experience of travel to Ibn Battuta and coffee in one time - and be assured - it will take you down the history of this place. Experience in this Starbucks promises to be a lot more than your favorite coffee. Excellent service, the feeling of community in a relaxed environment, and the views of the most beautiful Starbucks in the world, this one definitely is a must-try restaurant in Discovery Gardens.

Mami’s Illam Pure Veg

A pure vegetarian menu prepared with freshly cooked ingredients that are sourced from select suppliers, this restaurant is bright and airy and is split into two dining rooms. Famous for its South Indian dishes, this warm and contemporary eatery is good to try with your family and friends if you like delicious and simple Indian food. Health is the first priority as this joint does not use any artificial colours, flavours, or even Ajinomoto.

Shakespeare & Co.

Craving for crepes? Shakespeare & Co. is the place to go to. Featuring a classy Victorian décor, an expansive menu and classic French dishes, this café is the best choice to hang out with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. The restaurant is distinctly ‘Shakespearean’ and is quite colorful in terms of its layout and décor.