Hey are your exams near? Should you be studying? Same here! Yet here we both are not studying (someone please help me I really need to study). I bet it’s because you don’t feel like it and that’s why you’re not doing it. I understand.That’s why I’m here to help you (and me). I’m sure that if we all sit and seriously concentrate we will probably get shit done. We are just lazy to be honest.

Here are some tips that will help you cramp all the knowledge in your head:

1.Get rid of that phone. Just don’t have it around. Keep it off need be. That’s the biggest distraction. You need to choose a place and time of day in which you know you will be give your 100% attention. No, that place cannot be your bed (sorry guys), nor can it be a place where you have fun. You need to find a place in which you only study and nothing else. That way your mind won’t get distracted by the things it usually would do in that place.

2.Study a little bit every day. You don’t have to mug the entire textbook in one day. It saves you from the last minute panic and stress. With each passing day, increase the amount you have to study. You will slowly get into the habit of studying, a certain amount in a certain amount of time.

3.Get over that “I don’t feel like it” attitude. You are never going to feel like doing the important things. You are never going to feel like studying. You need to get your ass up though and get that bread is that what the kids say nowadays?)!

4.Discover your learning style! You may be an auditory learning, reading the notes out loud and discussing the points. Hearing the points may be you jam. Visual learners usually learn better through colours like highlighting the important things. Using images to represent the concepts are the best for these learners.

5.Revise revise revise. I cannot emphasize this enough. You need to go over the things you’ve already read briefly. Gotta remind your brain that this information exists up there!

6.Take breaks. You will not become a genius in one sitting. Just make sure those breaks don’t last the entire semester, or year or whatever.

7.Take care of yourself child. Eat properly, get 8 hours of sleep, exercise and kick life in the butt.

You got this. I believe in you! Happy studying!