Hey you. Yeah you! I can see you sitting down on your couch or bed scrolling through the Internet. Ever wonder why you choose to waste your time on different social media sites instead of getting actual shit done? Has Danisnotonfire (nowDan Howell) encouraged you to put off important things for another time? Well look no further! I am here to help you.

Let’s talk about the most common excuse used by procrastinators: “I’ll do it later.” We have all become victim to these words. Some common thoughts accompanied with this excuse are, “Oh, I don’t feel like doing it now,” or

But in reality when you leave everything to the last minute and the pressure of time gets to you, you look like this:

Shock is what your wiser self feels.

Now in order to overcome this tendency of yours it’s important to identify why you procrastinate in the first place. I’ve done some research and have found a few surprising things.

Believe it or not but being a perfectionist may be the reason why you procrastinate. There may be a fear of making a mistake or exposing a weakness that is holding you back. Know this, though, being a perfectionist is more detrimental than positive. It discourages creativity, progress and productivity!

The fear of the unknown is also very real. Do you get filled with anxiety whenever you are faced with novelty? Well, listen, there’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact that’s the beauty of life: the novelty. You never know, you may uncover something magical.

My point is that you can’t achieve anything worthwhile unless you STOP PROCRASTINATING. Stop trying to escape something that hasn’t even happened yet. Get. The. Work. Done. Don’t like doing household chores? Put Eye of the Tiger by Survivor on dance while doing the tasks (Of course you can put on whichever song you want. I like Eye of the Tiger because it makes me feel hardcore). Don’t feel like studying? Well do something else that’s fun and productive. Wasting away your time by not being productive? Remember the hard hitting consequences that come with not making something of yourself and the misery you will feel when the time comes to do something. Feeling lazy? Well as Britney Spears eloquently put it, “Get to work bitch.”

The best time to start is NOW. Take baby step towards your goals at least. If you’re supposed to be doing something, go do it now. Otherwise you’ll look back at all the time you wasted and think “I should’ve…” Definitely take breaks, but don’t let those breaks take you. Make sure Shia Labeouf is cemented in your mind:



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i have friends who do this XD XD