Memes, according to Urban Dictionary, are the cure of someone’s (or should I say everybody’s) depression.For all of those people who don’t know how to pronounce it, here ya go:

We live in an era in which any picture (still or moving) that can make us puff extra air through our nose is considered funny. It’s beautiful really. Memes aren’t just random pictures; they are literal representations of our lives. They represent reality in an easier way to accept. As is with most good things however, memes do have quick expiry dates and if you wish to stay afloat in this plethora you better get your pants up. There’s gonna be a lot of garbage, but you have to swim through to find those golden memes.

There are different kinds of memes suited for different people:

1. Classic:
The classic memes, the very origin of this art form. From the early beginnings of 2007, a whirlwind was created that took the internet by storm and reigns today. This meme basically used text of the “Impact” font on top of a person/character. The text is related to either cultural reference or a joke seen somewhere.


I fucking love dank memes. Hands down the best memes! Theses may have various forms and are often original, high quality memes at the time of creation. There is usually a context regarding which it is made and thus is not as appealing to most because of the content.

3. Normie:

Probably every dank meme-r’s least favourite meme. There are various forms of this meme. These are created by normal people not involved in meme culture. They do not understand this culture. Basically a variation of dank memes but basic as fuck and not a high quality meme. These memes often mark the death of a dank meme.

4. Wholesome:

These too have many forms. Containing encouraging or uplifting messages, these are those un-ironic memes. These are those memes that moms on Facebook post to get likes.


These memes make you feel like you’re high af. References are mere concepts beyond imagination. There is no apparent meaning or quality standard, and thus these memes cannot be judged as such. The abstract art of the memes.

In order to make a popular meme make sure your memes are dank. Dank, edgy content is what appeals to the meme community. By edgy I mean dark humour, but if dark humour ain’t your shnazz then go for the wholesome or surreal memes.



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I freaking love what you wrote. XD
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