Human rights are often considered as evidence of the existence or at least of the possibility of democracy and citizenship. In a political equal society, citizens who are unequal socially or financially still posses identical voting right and have the right to expect equitable treatment under the rule of law. The right of human beings or the rights of the individual has long been a subject of political theory. These rights include;

  • Right to vote and to be voted for

  • Right to hold a public office

  • Right to criticize and oppose the government.

  • The political right is really available to the citizens in a democratic state. The term democracy has used by politically oriented people in a system of government by the whole population in all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. Any political system has three major functions which include;

  • To main integration of society by determining norms.

  • To adapt and change an element of the social, economic system necessary for achieving collective political goals.

  • To protect the integrity of the political system.

  • Hence any political system that didn't satisfy three functions above is no longer a political system which means there is no democracy in that system as like what's happenings in the majority of African countries in which many of the political leaders are violating the major pillars of democracy as well as the pillars of human right of the citizens.