Any thinking or reflection will not be of any good use for us. We need reflection that goes with and embraces professional ethics and good behavior.

It’s indeed “a sickness of mind” for any rational being that deforestation has taken over a forest blessed with a lot of resources in which its contributions to the whole universe cannot be overemphasized. Should we say, it’s the forester or animals in the forest?.
Over the past decade, Nigeria has been plagued by frequent political unrest. The political instability has generated negative effects on the country. Much of the difficulties lies in the fact that our leaders are only concerned with their own personal interest. Nigeria is indeed a country blessed with a lot of resources, with people endowed with high thinking faculty, talented minds, but, unfortunately, Nigeria is one of the underdeveloped countries in the world.
Too often, we always give complaints, blame the government about all what’s happening in the country, but, if we look into this matter critically, it’s not all about the government, it’s about each and every one of us. Each and every one of us has a vital role we must play for the progress of this country. Your own little contributions as an individual either positively or negatively determine the future of this country. Nigerians, we really need to change our mindset. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
If we keep blaming everything on government, Nigeria will never move forward, we need to get that stick into our brain. It really saddens my heart, gives me concern, whenever I look around and see what’s happening across the globe, i see many minds, young minds particularly following the negative route due to some circumstances. Then, i do ask myself a question; can we really blame everything on government?. Does the government in charge of how you conduct yourself in society?. Does the government in charge of how you relate with people around you?. Does the government in charge of how you think?. Accepted, our leaders are only concerned with their personal profit, their major objectives are to get to the top, embezzle our resources, plan for their children’s future and families without considering the people they are serving. I don’t even think some leaders can even define the true definition of being a leader. Some of them are so involved in corruption, bribery, all sought of bad acts in which they don’t even know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong again. Notwithstanding, as a rational, responsible being that normally thinks before taken a step, that doesn’tgives you any reason to also involved in bad acts, divert to the negative path, and follow the route of our leaders.

All that is happening across the globe doesn't limit to Nigeria alone, it happens everywhere just that the rate is different.

The fact is that; if you do not nurse the idea in your mind, nobody can force it on you. The decision is yours. Learn how to say yes and no at the right time. You could be different and that difference is in you. The law is if you cannot beat them, so you can’t join them.



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