• When you say something funny but it sounds funny only in your head and nobody laughs but was good one only for you.

  • When you practise something to say in your head and you still stutter.

  • When your jam song comes and you mess up with the timing of the lyrics out of excitemnet.

  • When someone compliments you and you dont know what to say.

  • When back then in school everyone used to wish you with a big Happy birthday song and you never knew where to look .

  • You get awkward while talking to someone attractive and you say something stupid like " hey! I like spoons"

  • When you always have to sneeze in public.

  • Your crush looks at you when nobody is around and you mess up by acting obvious or weird.

  • When someone is wrong and you know it is wrong still you dont correct them because you doubt yourself.

  • When you make an eye contact with a stranger.

  • When the important person always notices you,when you look like a complete mess.

  • When a customer service keeps walking behind you.

  • When there is a sudden silence in the elevator.

  • You feel awkward when you are not dress appropriately.

  • For some reason you always get awkward when you pass by a group of teenagers either when you are with your family or when you are alone.

  • When you are bad at expressing.

  • When you go to the party and know only one person.

  • When you say bye to someone and both of you leave in the same direction.

  • When someone says dont be sorry and you say sorry.

  • When your friend and friends mother starts arguing.

  • When a mutual friend leaves you alone with someone unknown.

  • When an inappropriate scene comes on in a movie while you are with your parents.

  • When an interesting conversation is going on and you have a perfect joke to relate and then the topic gets changed.

  • When your stomach starts to make wierd noises in the middle of a quiet room.

  • When you fall and look around awkwardly if anyone noticed or not.

  • Getting into a crowded elevator, facing the opposite direction of everyone else, and not being able to turn around.

  • Not correcting someone when they mispronounce your name and then you end up getting to know them and every time theh say "Kelsey" instead of "Chelsea" its painfully awkward.

  • Trying to study for a test but knowing you are screwed.

  • When your wifi gets off and there is a sudden look on everyones face.

  • When you miss the last step on the stair.

  • When the hot water catches you off gaurd

  • When your headphones are broken and you find that position thats just right to get them to work.

  • Accidentally taps an ad and it opens the app store.

Its awkward!



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