Body-Shaming, A Despicable Way To Judge Anyone

Yashasvi Soni
Mar 19, 2019   •  457 views

Our bodies are a complex &a reliable support systemfor us, yet we fail topayattention to them.We often criticize it, for not being according to our surreal aspects. Why do we want it to be as others expect it to be?

Our bodies are an extension of our thoughts or should we say perception that we have developed over the year. Body-shaming has become a part of our ideas of beauty, we becomecognizantof our clothing, food & appearances, everything related tothe figureof our body. The mentality of a perfect hour glass body has beendeeplyrooted in our minds, we need to accept our bodies as they are; even sitcoms also use fat actors to create jokes.

3 body-shaming behaviour we must stop

1. Nutrition is far more important than dieting

In our quest to achieve an ideal body, changing what we eat without paying any attention to nutritional requirements for our body to function. We start to calculate calories & refuse to indulge in prospects of sharing a good meal & a glass of wine. Obsessing over how much weight you would gain if you ate a certain sweet dish or a pie & refuse a dessert considering it as "guilty pleasure". It's important to note that there are healthy ways to stay fit, after all allowing yourself to enjoy is also an aspect of staying healthy.

2. Beauty is state of mind

How many times have we judged people by their appearance?

In reality we have done countless times, either in a subconscious manner or knowingly.You need to understand that beauty isn't what we see througheyes, it'sa state of mind & has to be felt. There are people with magnanimous personality who would tolerate & let go of what you say doesn't mean you can hurt their feelings,especiallywhen you know they are trying to cope up. Undermining anyone, you are no one to impose your opinions on them. Beauty is our attributes, intellect, humour, hope, etc. that's true beauty.

3. Know your own body

Being self critical is not a bad thing, but to some extent only. Looking into the mirror instead of being content with what we see we criticize everything about ourselves. Neither all the people are same, nor their bodies can be compared to that of a celebrity.

We should not refrain from spending time for our body & there's nothing to be afraid of seeing ourselves in a mirror. The comparison is one of the worst things that you can do ourselves, first you must accept yourself & be proud of it, people will accept eventually.

I would conclude that doesn't matter what people think or say or do to undermine you, get up each time, be happy with yourself. When you will be happy about it no one can steal your spark, speak up against body shaming where ever you see it. Support others, it's necessary, we protect each other when faced with these sexist remarks.