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'I wish I had a figure like hers', 'I wish I was taller', 'You would have looked better had you been wearing clothes that suit your shape', 'You don't have a shape to pull that dress on '

and many more such depreciating comments.

Whether they come from our own critical minds or from other people's, their effect is too severe to bear.

Our minds have been so much adulterated with the idea of being perfect that we have left behind the idea of being real. This obsession of ours with looking a certain way has led us to bluntly body shame everyone who doesn't fit into that protocol,including ourselves.

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Cause of body shaming

Since birth girls are taught that they need to be a certain way in order to be adored and validated by the society.I have grown up watching movies where a woman had to be perfect in order to be wanted by the man.

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We are consistently told that we cannot be enough if we have a crooked nose or a flat chest and this gave rise to the entire fashion industry;our insecurities, the need to be accepted. We are made to believe that in order to be loved we need to change the way we were manufactured.

We become so dissatisfied with our body, our shape,our measurements that we drag ourselves into an endless loop of self loathing for we don't look like the models in the Victoria's Secret. We have advertisements that put forward skin fairness products or even weight gaining/losing products that claim you to provide with the fame and honour you deserve if you use them regularly.

Recently a survey was conducted related to body shaming which shows that 69% of women suffer from body image issues at some point in their lives and 55% women receive uncomfortable remarks on their bodies and physical attributes.

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Though women are a regular victim of it men too are subjected to body shaming every now and then. 'He is not muscular enough'. 'He doesn't even have a beard'. 'He is too short to be a man'. All the harsh comments are used to insult men.

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Prominence of body-shaming

Body shaming has become so prominent and widespread that even celebrities are becoming a target of it.

Just a few days ago Camila Cabello, singer and songwriter was body shamed for having extra fat. She slammed the haters through her Instagram stories and gave us the message that we are allowed to be what we choose for ourselves.

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Many celebrities have slammed body shammers and have asked the masses to celebrate their bodies.

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How to overcome body shaming?

"Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the 'perfect' body, it comes from embracing the one you have already got."

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We may not be able to completely shut down body shaming but certainly we can take steps to stop being affected:

1) Know Yourself : Understand that you are more than your body. Your body is a part of your existence and not your entire existence and you don't have to make every part of your life perfect.

2) Find things you love about yourself : Discover hobbies that make you happy and then invest yourself into them. This will help you focus on good things and throw away your insecurities.

3) Surround yourself with body positive people :Connect with people who are comfortable with their shapes and sizes. The aura of these people will help you feel good about yourself and you will soon love your body the way it is.

4) Flush down the gutter the need for validation : You are the owner of your body and you have the right to maintain it the way you wish.

'Too skinny' or 'Too fat' and 'Too short' or 'Too tall'. People are never satisfied with who you are and how you look. You don't have a body to please them, so do not try.

Consequences of body shaming.

Body shaming often leads to health issues. The people who are 'fat-shammed' stop eating in order to lose weight or the people who are 'skinny- shammed' start eating double of their diet. This drastic change in the consumption of food many a times lead to eating disorders.

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Constant body shaming and one's inability to overcome it may also lead to depression, anxiety and low self esteem. These people try to shrink into themselves restraining from all social gatherings to avoid the embarrassment they might have to face.

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So, before you body shame someone take a minute to think of the consequences. Your one harsh comment can shatter someone's confidence completely.

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