Healthy Mind Stays In Healthy Body

Manali Gadiya
Aug 03, 2019   •  15 views

The broadest concept in this fittest world is “fitness”. Each one of us would like to stay healthy and strong. Fitness compiles of many components. This includes the food you eat, the exercise you perform, the games you play, and the positivity you spread.

The daily routine affects your body. Gathering all good vibes every morning, exercising dedicatedly, having proper set of meal in timings can result you with amazing benefits. Fitness keeps you enthusiastic and energetic all throughout the day. For your social well being it is essential to be physically and mentally fit.

There are several organizations who work on finding peace and developing humanity. Art of living, Brahmapuri Peace Parks, etc. are well known organizations. The main aim of these places are to experience the beautiful nature around you. Meditation and to have calm soul is what you need. This affects your body fitness and maintain your IQ level.


Consuming a healthy diet can create magic to your life routine. There must be a bowl rich of goodness in terms of nutrients. Proteins consumption in human body is quite essential for body building. Pulses, cereals, citrus fruits and dates should be a part of your eating habit. Energy is provided by the food. Capacity and efficiency of work can be handled by the energy packets stored in your body.

Excersise and Physical activity

Body movement is necessary for proper body development. Daily 10 - 15 min workout can make your body flexible. This small and easy movements can be a motivation for entire day. Playing sports, indulging in several moving activities where you can sweat, should be carried out on daily basis. At this stage of development, people prefer people to be more fit and fine, than earning more and it is required to be done. Movement is must for each of us, or the body becomes stiff. To have flexibility within us, you must do some sort of activity let it be playing indoor or outdoor. Excersise for your benefit than comparing any others body.


Yoga, meditation is a form of positive energy to surround yourself. Reading daily positive thoughts and newspaper can increase your level of concentration and build up memory power of mind. Cutting down belly, following a perfect appetite, working out hard, is not only the key of staying fit. If you want to have those plus vibes you can listen to calm podcasts or music which make you feel relaxing.

The need to stay healthy, is not only increase your life expectancy , but also building up your creative thinking. Sharing your happiness and experiencing the peace around you is the main aspect of living .