There is no disease so destructive as lust

As per the pseudo-conservatism of Indian Men, women are generally classified into two types: a slut and a whore. She refused to sleep with me…What a whore man! What a whore! And there is… Bro… You know she slept with me. What a slut man! What a slut!

Our logic is weird just out of this world. Let me give you an example:

A girl named Gunjan 20 years old from West Bengal is fighting death in the hospital. Why? What was her crime? She wore jeans to college!! Our society thinks that dress matters.

Oh really!! Then why is a girl wearing a school uniform was raped? A woman wearing saree was raped. By the way, a girl wearing an all decked burkha is also not spared. No outfit is an invitation for rape. Only 30% of rapes cases are filed because most of the time, the family is subjected to threat, shame and casteism. The other times it's the sheer negligence of Police Officials. The length of the fabric on a girl’s body is not the measure of her character. It’s not about short clothes it depends on how well the boys are being bought up.

Your lust will be satisfied no matter what it’s enough if her gender is female, age doesn’t matter at all, from a newborn baby to a playful teen, from a married woman to an old lady about to die.

No woman is responsible for being raped. It is the man who can’t control his aggressiveness, who can’t control his levels of lust. Rape is an indefensible crime.

ABCD padh li bohot… Thandi aahein bhar li bohot… achi baatein kar li bohot… abh karoonga tere saath… gandi baat…gandi gandi gandi baat. He is so directly saying if you don’t agree to be with me, I will rape you. And what did we do?? We made this our party anthem…!

No need to get scared of devils and wild animals because even they possess a bit of humanity compared to human beings. Humans are so evil-minded that we only need to get scared of them nothing else.

The number of rapes cases filed every year in Delhi, as we see, rose 277% from 572 in 2011 to 2,155 in 2016, according to Delhi Police data. Each day around 92 women get raped in India. Every 30 minutes a Rape is reported.

All these men who go out there and protect us and make things safe for us… who are watching out for us… The only request is don’t watch us, look away. Half the problem would be solved. And please teach “Don’t Rape’’ not ‘’Don’t get Raped’’!