Lost her virginity and for it she was paid, Don't call her a slut she's a human and trust me she's great. She's the one who satisfies people and still we say, "Oh! She's a prostitute, she works in nightshade."

Her body may not be perfect but still she tries to mate,

Her heart melts each time when a man for her body pays, This is not her choice, her passion or desire, Spending one night with her doesn't mean you are her buyer.

Several rape cases and she prevents


Selling her body each day is not an easy task to overcome, For people who question her character to those who think she's a bitch, She smiles, strips down and turns you on she's not a slut but you are full of filth.

She feeds your hunger, she's great, she never quits, She's just another lady of our nation, Dear people, please understand this! Her way of earning is different, Some people may question, Not anything else it's called prostitution.