Can Celebrities Make Good Politicians?

Yalavarthy Hemasri
Jun 19, 2019   •  191 views
Politics is a war without bloodshed

The other day I was reading an article in a newspaper that CBSE textbooks are introducing examples of various celebrities to teach their students more effectively. It was then that I began thinking ‘’WHAT IF CELEBRITIES BECOME POLITICIANS?’’

Technically the answer is ‘yes’. But the problem arises as to whether they make good politicians or not? A celebrity can be an immensely popular figure and might hold a special place in the hearts of people, so it becomes an easy task for them to win an election. Winning an election is one side of the coin but to sustain and be a good politician is the other side. Every other star these days has his finger into at least one political pie. A celebrity is a person who has to put in a lot of hard work in a particular field and hence succeeds to make a name for himself.

To leave their chosen field of work and come to another field in which they would know nothing would make them a big disaster and being politicians would be even more chaotic. Politically they may not be able to do justice to their responsible job as a politician. But there are few, almost handful who have succeeded because of their desire and drive to uplift the society, for example, people like N.T. Ramarao, M.G. Ramachandran, Jayalalitha, Sunil Dutt and also the governor of California, the Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger. The inner drive and strong will to serve the people are the qualities that make a good and successful politician. I am not against the statement that celebrities can make better politicians. Of course, they can but they need to have a strong will and burning desire to serve the society as well as to do something that benefits the people. And, politics is completely different from the movie field. Though you are very successful as a star you cannot expect the same when you enter politics. You need to face the challenges with sheer determination and courage. My opinion is that celebrities should use their popularity to work for social cause and convey the message to the people who idolize and adore them.

As you cannot judge a book by its cover. So, you cannot judge a politician based on their popularity. Ultimately it is the desire to serve people and thinking about their betterment which counts to become a politician rather than celebrity status.