Why Your Studies Are Important Than The Girl You're Chasing

Wajahat Mir
Jan 30, 2019   •  479 views

When a boy takes an admission in a college/university, the first thing he does is check out the CROWD in the campus. After vigorously looking for weeks, he finally chooses a girl and starts the first phase of approaching her.

The first phase is looking for her social media handles and trying trying to pave a path through there. If that does not work out, he moves on.

The second phase is approaching the girl. He gathers the courage to go up and talk to her, in some cases it goes well and in some, not so much.

If it does not go well, chasing starts, from waiting for her outside the class to sitting in the opposite table in the canteen, this boy's life all but revolves around this girl. From chasing her all day to dreaming about her all night, studies never really had a chance, did they?

After years of chasing and effort, the girl, bored, finally accepts. The boy feels over the moon and this is where the third phase begins.

Now, he has to miss lectures to roam with the girl all day and the time that was meant for revising the syllabus is now allotted campus walks and movie dates. These activities continue for the remaining semesters, until the last semester, when reality hits , the boy realizes that he has to be the provider of his family, he has responsibilities. Companies don't want to hire him as he has no skills required for the workplace, the time he had for improving and increasing his skill set, he wasted it on walks, talks and dates. The course finally comes to an end and all he has is a piece of paper we call degree. He has no knowledge, no skill set. All he has is "True Love", which really does not help here. All the boy now has is worries , sleepless nights and no financial security.

My friends, don't be this boy, use your time for your studies, learn new skills which will help you in the workplace and the real world.This world is a cruel place if you aren't financially stable. If you have money in the future, a good job or a successful business, everyone will love you and respect you. Your parents will be proud of you. Now is the time you could go on and find the girl for you, love her, respect her and fulfill all her needs.

There is a right time for everything and right now, right now you need to invest your time on you and develop yourself. Everything else will take care of itself "at the right time".