99 %  of reasons of your depression is not even in your control and you, yourself is not at all responsible for it. 

But you are blaming yourself day and night.

Just ask yourself “If you are the one who choose that situation, person or thing ?(whatever the reason is.)  

No.    (I am pretty sure about your answer.)

Then what is the point of criticizing yourself.

That reason came in your life by it's own or if you believe in God,  (like I do). That is all done by God. 

And we know God is a creator. 

God created us.

God created things around us. 

God created all the persons around us. 

God created all the situation around us.

…………….and will go on creating all above.

And you should know whatever God does is just for our highest good. 

Focus on good, you will feel good, you will do good and than you will attract good.

And the other way around.

This is the law of universe.

“Whatever God does, is for our highest good.”

And remember “you are too blessed to be stressed.”

                                                  -by deepkiran ♥



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