Hey, Guys;

In the present condition, we all are studying various different kinds of degree and studies, some people are studying arts and science, medical, engineering, and etc... It is our responsibility to know everything in society. Many people did not know the properties and uses of the bricks and they are constructing the building, house, etc... It is our duty to know knowledge about everything in our surroundings and society. So now we are going to see the construction material-Brick. As we are young and we have to know the characteristics and uses of the brick and its properties too. Let us see the properties of the bricks and the uses of the bricks.

Qualities of Good Bricks:

  • Bricks should have perfect edges, well-burnt in kilns, copper colored, free form cracks with a proper rectangular shape and of standard size (19*9*9 cm)

  • Bricks should give a clear ring sound when struck with each other

  • Brick must be homogeneous and free from voids

  • The percentage absorption of water by weight should not be greater than 20 percent for first-class bricks and 22 percent for the second-class when soaked in cold water for 24 hours

  • Bricks should not break when dropped from a height of 1 meter

  • Bricks should have low thermal conductivity and should be soundproof

  • Bricks should not show deposits of salts when immersed in water and dried

  • The minimum crushing strength of bricks must be 3.5 N/mm

Uses of Bricks:

  • Bricks are mainly used for the construction of walls

  • Bricks, when molded in the shape of a gutter, can be used as drains

  • Bricks with cavities known as hollow bricks can be used for insulation purpose and because of their light weight they are more useful in speedy construction

  • Fire bricks are made of fire clay can be used as a refractory material

  • Sand-lime bricks are used for ornamental works

  • Bricks of superior quality can be used in facing a wall

Classification of Bricks:

  • The bricks are mainly classified into four different types and they are used for different types of work and they are,

  • First Class Bricks: These are table mounted bricks and of standard shape. These are used for superior works

  • Second Class Bricks: These bricks are ground-molded and burnt in kilns. These are slightly irregular in shape.

  • Third Class Bricks: These bricks are also ground molded and burnt in clamps. These bricks are in irregular in shape

  • Overburnt Bricks: These bricks are very poor in quality and they are overburnt in the clamps. These bricks are used for concrete in foundation, floors, roads, etc...