The legendary Harry Potter series, a plot of divergent imagination breathed into life by the remarkable writer J.K.Rowling has taken the world by storm.


Ranging from uniquely designed personality traits to creatively crafted appearances, the characters appear far more than just imaginative, they seem real. The wizarding world with its mind boggling background, reflects a set up that takes us on an adrenaline rushing roller coaster ride that drives our curiosity and involvement to heights.


But, don’t we all know that Harry Potter and his friends are just a drop of imagination from the ocean of thoughts gently waving in the mind of its creator?


Don’t we know that Hogwarts is a school built out of the bricks of artistic wealth and made to stand tall and strong cloaked by the rich creativity of its engineer, and exists as the main feather on the hat in the plot of its writer who brought it magically to life through thoughtful words.


But not all of us know that some Harry Potter readers believe that Hogwarts does exist and so did Harry Potter and his friends. But what factor drives them to make such a tall claim. Harry Potter fans may contradict saying the fact that it’s an unbelievable claim isn’t true and it indeed may be a possibility. Well, those statements would be words of loyalty, but anyone could have a slight doubt on how a magnificent world of magical grandeur could’ve existed.


The information I’m about to give you, would make you get a hint of belief that Harry Potter existed and you might have a battle of thoughts in your mind after this.

There is a theory about Rita Skeeter, the famous not so liked Journalist of the tabloid in Harry Potter, was actually J.K.Rowling. Surprising?


Well I’m not done yet. It is said that Rita was banished from the magical world after it was discovered that her work was fabricated. She therefore went on to live in the muggle world (the world we’re in) and turned to writing in order to make a living for herself. And so she wrote the story of the cursed, most famous boy, Harry Potter, of the wizarding world from which she originated, in an attempt to make some cash out of it to support her living. And this would mean that Harry Potter is indeed real. Conflicted yet?