Education is often termed as the foundation or the building block of the country's development but it has always suffered in our country due to the political apathy towards it. Moreover, being mere puppets to the traditional rules and norms of society has not helped its cause either. Thus, In this era, where we claim ourselves to be modernized, we need to ensure that education in our country is not left behind so that we can catch up with other developed countries.

For this to happen, a change needs to be brought about in the present education system, mainly in its methodology. At present, we follow a bookish approach wherein theoretical knowledge is given more importance than the practical one.

So, to move to the practical methodology of teaching is the need of the hour, as it provides children to deal with studies in a more playful and interesting manner. Though few apps such as byju's and others have come up with this approach. However government and other private institutes also need to ensure that they implement this effectively in the coming years.

Now, before the above thing is being taken care of, the government faces an onerous task of providing education to one and all. For that, they need to start with training teachers and spreading awareness about the importance of education, so that the children are sent to school and are provided with quality education there. The midday meal is a good initiative to encourage children to come to school, though a check on its quality needs to be there.

When we talk about education, it's not all about studies as it has got much more to it. One needs to keep themselves educated about a lot of things, such as about the current affairs, about things that are likely to affect their work, about their own well being and so on. Moreover, sports are also a part of education as it teaches us various things, starting from team spirit, to sacrifice, to be mentally tough and much more. It acts as a complete package which prepares us from within, alongside helping us to relax from our daily work.

So basically everything that teaches us something can be termed as education, and it's upon us to use each of those teachings as per our likings in the best possible way. And I hope the day is not far when we can call ourselves an educated nation.



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Thank u. Sure
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you write so well. it is informative. please check my account too.