11 Myths About Weight Loss Busted!

Aug 06, 2019   •  4 views

11 Myths about weight loss

1)Special tonic with Himalayan herbs to melt your fat

Cross across your heart and deny this but all of us have watched a video on YouTube or at least heard a recipe from someone about a fusion of few ingredients can absolutely melt away all your fat and give you a toned body, sad yet true it doesn’t work in anyway other than increasing your metabolism and making you feel hungry quick.

2) Weight loss means fat loss

Most common perception that losing weight implies that you are burning fat but technically it could be water weight, the extra water between tissues and organs and body cavities or technically water retention due to excess salt intake.

3)Spot weight reduction

I just want to lose weight around my arms or my thighs; what we hear usually but sad reality is it never really happens. To lose weight / fat one has to shed that fat all away from the body, you cannot target specific organs.

4)Cut those carbs

Beauty bloggers and instagram goddesses giving us tips leaving indelible imprints on our minds making us believe that cutting down on all forms of sugar (sucrose) will make us lose weight but in fact because of the lack of proper fiber needed by body it can actually increase your weight.

5)Sauna your way in

Sweat slim belt or not switching your fan or even sitting in a sauna and sweating in a sauna room will not help with shedding your fat. It might open up your clogged pours or make you feel relaxed though.

6)Eat this and lose weight in a week

Good old video titles and attractive thumbnails but no you have to wait for at least wait 3 months to see noticeable results which might actually last if you maintain your routine.

7)Liposuction – lone, left, lasting option

A quick fix invasive surgery is an absolutely risky option if you are considering it by any chance! Unless recommended by a physician a bariatric surgery is not needed you can work very well without it.

8)Gluten free, dairy free- you are healthy

Cut on these if you have celiac disease or are lactose insensitive or are suffering from hypothyroidism but nonetheless it does not really affect. The calories still count the same. 9)Work for hours in gym and eat what you want. Might break your heart but no it does not happen too. Weight loss begins when you cut down on your calorie intake and substitute your diet with greens and proteins and healthy essential fats. 10)Diet cola is healthy Zero sugar yet actually loaded with calories. Soda will hoard fat, might help you with feeling bloated but technically something you don’t want to mess with if you want to fit in those old jeans again. 11)Green tea, black coffee

These drinks boosted with catechin and caffeine help in boosting your metabolism i.e. preventing hoarding of calories but they actually cater very little in your weight loss ordeal.