Keys To Maintain A Balanced Diet:

Debapriya Das
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How you will maintain a Balanced Diet:

Maintaining a proper diet in today's life is really tough. Due to some reason or the other it is obvious for us to go through improper and unhealthy diet which eventually invites a lot of harmful diseases at an early age.

Eating a proper balanced diet gives our body all the essential nutrients from a wide variety of foods that we consume. It is really tough for us to maintain a proper diet in our everyday busy schedule. But we put a little effort and a proper planning we all can maintain a proper balanced diet:

1) Make a proper meal plan:

Take out your planner and write down your weekly meal plan. Then start tallying up all the food items and in which category they fall ,your food items shall include diary also.

If you have problem in doing so search online for sample meal plans.

2)Start a food journal:

Maintaining a food journal can help you to maintain a proper balanced diet in many ways. From a food journal you can review your current diet and see where you are lacking . It is a great method as it will help you to keep track on whatever you are eating for a long period of time. Sometimes we are unaware that if we are eating to much or too little of something, here a food journal can help us.

3) Go for grocery shopping:

Always try to stock up your kitchen with Healthy foods which helps is maintaining a balanced diet . After you have written your meal plan and food journal make time and grow to grocery shopping.

Your grocery shopping should includea well stock pantry ,a good number of less fat dairy products,100% whole grains , brown rice and nut butters.

4)Consult a dietitian:

Consulting a doctor or a physician will always help you to maintain a proper balanced diet.They will help you in providing additional guidance or recommendations to improve our current health.

5)Eat food from all the five food groups:

One of the main point to follow a balanced diet is to have all the 5 food groups in your diet.

. Protein - it is the essential element one should have.

Example: poultry,eggs,lean beef,sea food,nuts and beans.

. Diary products:

It also contains proteinbut they are high for calcium ,potassium and vitamin D.

. Fruits and vegetables:

They holds vitamins , mineral ,fiber and antioxidants.

They contain low calories which makes them an essential component to a balanced diet.

. Try to count the amount of ounces you are consuming .

Example: 4oz of meat is about the size of a deck card.

6) Try to eat healthy fats:

Some types of fat are really Healthy for ones body.

It is recommended that one should should consume 2-3 times Healthy fats in a week or so.

Salmon, mackerel, anchovies,sardines,tuna, walnuts and flaxseed are Healthy Fats.

Monosatuarated Fats: Olive oil,acocado, olives and hazle nuts.

7) Drink abou 64oz of clear fluids daily:

Drink about 8-9 litres of water everyday.

You can drink iced tea,decaf coffee and no - calorie flavoured waters.

8) Measure whatever you are eating:

Eat about 75g of carbohydrates every day not more than that.

3-4oz of protein,1cup or 1oz of dairy products are of appropriate portion sizes.

9) Limit your sugar and saturated fat intake :

To maintain a healthy and a balanced diet it doesnot mean to avoid your favourite items kike sweets or high fat indulgent foods like macaroni and cheese.

But it is important to decide the moderation and enjoy your favourite food occasionally.

10) Engage in physical activities:

Aim for 150 mins od moderate intensity Cardio activity every week.

Do jogging ,biking, walking , running and swimming.

Lifting weighs and going to pilates class are good options.

11) Limit your alcohol and other liquid calories intake:

Alcohol are high in calories and sugar which can rapidly increase your total intake of sugar.

Sugar !! It is the most dangerous of all !!

So try to monitor how much you are consuming such items such as beer ,wine,mixed drinks ,sodas and sweetened tea or juice.

12) Eat atleast 3meals daily:

Regular frequent meals and snacks provides a steady flow of energy to your brain. One should not skip meals it is really harmful .

Example of a balanced diet:

Scrambled eggs with vegetables and low fat cheese, soya milk for breakfast.

Eat a lot of fresh fruits before lunch.

For lunch have a whole wheat wrap ,with lean turkey or roasted chicken.

You can also have fish and one cuo of boiled baby carrots for lunch.

A small apple and a cheese stick for an afternoon snack.

A large spinach salad with raw vegetables and 4oz grilled salmon for dinner.





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