Today, the advancements in technology are at par with the growing standards of living. New found ways to increase the connectivity between people are being developed. Technology has aided human being in communication, travel, learning, business and increasing the lifestyle comforts. One of the many creations has been the invention of television and social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Whats App, etc.

Television has taken deep root in our daily lives. It has been a constant source of entertainment since the time of its invention. It has been a means of knowing about the whereabouts going on across the world on a daily basis. In short, it’s a broadcasting medium for the delivery of information according to the comfort of the customer. There are several television programmes broadcasted which include movies, news, history, geography and discovery.

On the other hand, social media has recently become a cup of tea to the daily life. Not only does it offer a platform to express ones views, but also provides us with eminent information in a handy manner. It is an interactive computer-based technology facilitating the sharing and creation of information on a broad scale. The follow-ups on the latest trends and stories are shared and viewed with greater efficiency, effectively and in real-time.

In the present scenario, both television and social media are two different options available for the users to gather information. But, the impact of social media is growing as it offers a wider range of information and consumer convenience. Television is outsourced in terms of communication within a group of people. Social media on the other hand links people and improves connectivity at various levels. News is effectively spread through the quick share option offered through social media. Various talents mould and grow on the platform of social media through one of its branch which is youtube. Television is more compatible when it comes to hearing the flashy news influencing our everyday lives.

But, in the current scenario, there are accruing negative impacts on the society. Addiction to the latest technology, seclusion from the society, reduced family time and adverse health effects are predominantly observed in the generation today. This situation is thought to worsen in the days ahead, according to statistics.


The creative mind of man has led to numerous inventions and developments. But, the dependence on technology has led man into a secluded arena. The technologies being developed are to add comforts to life. Nevertheless, they should not become the means to our ends.



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