Generally when we say, “The heart or the mind, whom to listen to?” Do we really know that what these two are actually? No, we never think about that. Its just that we have heard this phrase from somewhere so we try to apply it to our lives also.

we normally call as the mind is not one but many entities depending upon the extent to which the mind is conditioned. During the course of the day, we operate at different levels of the mind.

The conflicts between heart and brain.

You just can’t work without having fun

Don’t let the child within die; follow your heart sometimes

Sometimes, beauty lies in watching and appreciating rather than scientifically proving.

Happiness is a stress-free life. Just chill!

never stop feeling other’s pain.

Teenage, an age in which most of us are often at a juncture to make decisions (essential or even the minutest) where we find it tough decide whether to be guided by our overflowing emotions or intellect. I for instance, face this almost everyday where I’m in a “seesaw situation” with my swarming sentiments on one end and rationing on the other, with my gut acting as a pivot at the centre. My heart tells me to do one thing, my brain another, while my gut tells me to make no decision at all and that’s when I find it best to let others take these decisions for me.

Breathe every thought and feeling into your heart and let it resolve the conflict with the mind and gut. Your heart knows what’s the best for you and only by balancing emotions with rationale can one attain contentment.

And when you act from that place of ‘knowing’ within your own heart, there’s a sense of peace and alignment with the present moment with what is, and what you’re deeply longing for. And from this place, the smallest action can often lead to the biggest result.



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