(Story of my own)
I don't know why but when ever Iam in pain . There is always hope inside me that one day, there will be end of my suffering.

For me hopemeans a dozen ofthings ..
Hope to find my true one love,
Erasing the distance between me and parents ,all the arguments will havetheirend.
My true friendswill always stand by my side..
And lastly one day I will for sureregain my trust on myself.
I havewishfor desire❤️❤️
So, one day Iwon't behaving any topic to regret or to feel bad for.
No doubt life is a solid war zone. But it’s not too bad either. Try to keep your eyes full of dreams. Hope not only gives you the strength to overcome a pain, but it also makes the journey for the future easier. Let’s not worry about the fact that today is bad. Hope keeps on telling that tomorrow will be better . Hope is optimism. When I’m hopeful for anything, I’m thinking that sorrow and difficulty of today will soon come to an end. Hope helps us staying positive.You probably do not know, our mind has lots of effects on our actions. If your mind tells you to stay strong on a path and not to lose courage, you will do so.

My aspiration to reach at that stage where happiness would be waiting for me, then that will be the end of my expectations..

Although you may cry for your infinite trialsand zero achievement. But at that time when you are askedto act boldly not cowardly.

Our list isfull of heartbreaking stories but we have something to think upon. Because there are so manypeople who have nothing to do, they just sit ideally and do nothing. Praise the past because it not only offered you obstacles but also gave you wings to fly high. Our biggest struggle sets back, declares shiny wars which are only fought to win. And always have hope in your self.

Because after that I will have daydream to live more...
So don't lose you hope live for a every new hope which knocks at every second on your door..