Why is it acceptable for our bodies to be unwell but not our minds?

Mind and body; they both function together. Mind sends signals to our body to perform certain actions and our body carries out those actions accordingly. They are like two wheels of the same vehicle, if one gets punctured , the whole vehicle wouldn’t be able to get its pace. Thus, to ensure their effective and efficient use, we have to take proper care of them. But what if we are not able to take care of them?

We want our body to perform certain activities and to be healthy always. On the contrary, we want our mind to be capable of taking suitable decisions through its reasoning power. But sometimes we are not able to condition them with proper nutrition and at times, we fall sick .Then we usually go to the doctor and get our treatment done. This is the most approachable method adopted by human beings, all over the Globe. Because, it is considered natural for our body to be unwell but what about our mind?

Does our mind function properly 24*7? Have you ever experienced any mental problem or illness? I am sure many of you must not be familiar with mental illness. Half of the population suffer through this without being aware of this. And the ones, who acknowledge this, don’t get it cured. Do you know the reason?

Because our mind is not accepted to be unwell. This is the universal idea that our mind can’t fall sick. If a person is found suffering through the mental problem, we label him as abnormal. As a result , if a person realise any disorder by himself, he is afraid to share that with the society. He doesn’t feel free to talk about this with his friends or family members. Because at every stage of life, he fears that people will judge him and will not considerate him as a normal human being. He thinks that he would be put in mental asylum. These all thoughts make space in his mind so he doesn’t want to take a risk. And continue to to live his life as it is. This idea penetrates throughout his life and in the end, he fells prey to the hands of mental illness.

This misinterpretation of mental illness needs our major attention. Mental illness refers to your psychological and emotional well being. Stress, anxiety, depression etc they all fall under this category. Mental illnesses is nothing to be ashamed off. It can happen to anyone. It is not related to birth, age or religion. It is as common as any other disease and deserves a proper care. When our mind doesn’t operate accordingly then it needs nursing. Don’t give it room for development. It is like a disease which grows and sticks to your roots and slowly and eventually will damage you internally.

Don’t allow this monster to make a home in you! If you are going through tough time or something is bothering you, feel free to share it with your loved ones. You can share your grieves and thoughts with others. Share it with your family members, friends; anyone with whom you feel comfortable , with whom you find positive vibes. Many matters can be resolve through talking. It aids you in your problem. And if you feel need of going to the doctors then approach them. Go to the psychiatrist and discuss your mind state with him. Tell him about, what all you are going through , what all the emotions you are experiencing . They look at our minds from our perspective and try to understand our problem. And help to overcome the issues.

On the opposite side, be a helping hand to those who are suffering through mental illness. They need proper guidance. Help your loved ones to get over through. Make your presence felt in their lives. Make them believe that you are there to listen them.

Many people lose their life due to mental health issues. Seek guidance from yourself and others.

Don’t be afraid of others ; don’t be afraid of yourself !

It is okay for a mind to be unwell ; It is okay not to be okay !!