Mental health has long been treated as something ignorable and since very early days, people never even knew that along with our body, our mind can feel ill too.

We have seen how promising and rising bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide due to the nasty rivalry and dirty politics going out there. He was a brilliant student, stood 7th in engineering entrance, he grew many dreams in his heart which police have found after his death(in his dairy). I feel absolutely disappointed to express how painful the days he went through. This case is not only in film industry, but can be seen in many professional sectors as well. . Now we all have become so outrageous and violent and all the social medias are overpowering with our rage and protests. I feel, this momentum should go on. Because it will make people aware of lot of things-

1- people would be aware of the “nepotism” concept and would be vocal about it and rebel.

2.people would be aware of mental health,they would not ignore a depressed person,a sad or unhappy guy or girl.they would give importance to this.

3.if possible, some of them would even research about mental health and spread knowledge and awareness to the society.

4.psychology should be taught mandatorily which includes mental sickness and remedy of it at school level and college level.

5.every parent would look up to their children , observe their strange activities if something wrong is going with them, talk with them friendly.share their problems and put a solution to it.

6.parents, friends, colleagues would stop making fun of depression frustration and whatsoever.

Please note, late Sushant Singh Rajput case is not yet proven to be a suicide, so I completely portray this picture based on mental illness and give example of a recent case.

From now on, I personally take the responsibility to make those a bit relieved who I come across and feel he or she is suffering from any mental illness. I request you all to take the initiative as well. Coming back to nepotism, it is z different concept, I'll write about that later on. Thank you.