Are You Aware Of Existential Crisis- The Harsh Reality?

Tulika Singhal
Mar 23, 2019   •  673 views

What is existential crisis?
When an individual at some point of time wonders what is the use of his existence. He imagines what is the purpose of his life on this planet. What is the point of his life?

This life is very challenging, people who find their goals are lucky enoughand still there are people who struggle a lot to find meaning of their life. We are all mortals . God has created every individual with some purpose. But human beings don’t know the cause behind their existence .

It is such a harsh reality that science has developed , opportunities are spreading but still there are people who are in the grab of the question of their existence. They do wonder about their life - their birth and when theythink about this , it strikes them within. It gives so strong vibrations to them that they find themselves in the middle of path . They don’t know where is the starting point and where is the ending point.

Why these feelings occur to individuals?

These feelings come to most of the people at some point of time. And these thoughts are not one time, thesestrike them at different intervals of life. Mostly it hits When the time doesn’t go according to our wish , we go through the different emotions - loneliness , depression, anxiety. Death which is inevitable, is not the greatest fear of human beings but the biggest fear is - what will I do ? Where my life interest lies?

Many youth experience this question and they worry their most of the life thinking about this.they fear of living worthless lives. These feelings majorly occurs because of a particular event or situation . For example- death if some loved one, guilt regarding something , feeling of loneliness, misconduct in the relations etc.

People can cope up with these situations by paying attention to theirlife. They should use their freedom in right direction and should concentrate on the choices that they make .they should follow their passions and should live their dreams. This is what will help them to keep away from these feelings and they would be able to manage a good life.

Living a life without any mission or aim is like riding without having any destination . If you have been given birth, then realize it’s worth.

Don’t spend your life ; invest your life .