Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Students

The Pinkninja
Aug 15, 2019   •  22 views

Humans are a social being. They love to connect with each other.

They love to gain knowledge. However, in the early days there were not many options available to the students but fortunately today we have various options available to us which can help us in our studies. People have always been looking for ways to connect and network with each other, and now in this modern era internet is taken the toll ; which is possible with the advent of the numerous social networking platforms and apps .

Social media can be proved to be a useful educationaltool in the lives of studentsof today. Social media sites keep students updated on various trending news from around the world. It is the easiest way for students to keep up with the news of the world.

Here below are a few options out of the many sources which help students in their studies:


Facebook is one of the leading social networking site in the world.It contributes around 65% of total social media sites . It is helpful tool for all range of age from school student to college and graduation etc.

2.Educational sites and apps

There are many educational sites like Quora, Careers360, College dunia and many educational apps like Unacademy, ByJu’s. These sites and apps are very handy in case of students. On these apps and sites like, college dunia, careers360, reddit, Quora students can find helpful information about the colleges like fees, infrastructure, faculty, courses etc. They can also find verified ratings and reviews that help students in choosing the right college for them. They also provide a conversative aspect. Students can ask questions here and they get their answers.

On the other hand apps like Unacademy provide online tutoring to the students. They not only cover schooling topics but they also tutor on the specialized courses like NEET, JEE, UPSC and many more, saving students many bucks.


Equals6 is a Canadian company in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Andy Osburn and Mark Boyle founded this company in 2011.

Equals6 is an online community where students from every background compete for some remarkable scholarships. This platform also helps the students to choose the right path for them, it open doors to the enormous career aspects to the students as per their interests and strengths. Students by using this platform can discover people with similar interests, goals and problems. They also have theopportunityto form groups, share ideas, discuss problems.


Twitter is one of the leading informational social networking sites. It is a hub of many awareness campaigns. On this platform students can connect with rest of the world and can gain knowledge about what is happening in their world. On twitter there are various accounts which tweet helpful information to those seeking internships, connects students with the alumni and faculty of their desired college. A lot of useful facts can be found here. Twitter is very popular among most of the politicians. Many politicians tweet a lot of information than they do onthe other sites. Twitter is one of the best platforms to raise awareness and to share and gain knowledge.


YouTube is one of the fastestgrowing platforms on this planet. The special feature about it besides beingfree and allowingpeople to earn a couple of bucks or more is itsvideo feature. Students can find tons of video tutorials on various educational subjects. Students can find videos explaining chemistry, biology, math, physics, English, commerce and many more topics. They can even learn to cook and draw. It is the best platform not only for the students but also for every age group.