Years Of Utter Wizardry Part-1

Adnan Khan
Jul 11, 2019   •  1 view


It was around 6 in the morning after fajr when it really started to dawn upon me, just as the now dim sun was beginning to dawn majestically upon the shallow banks of the Yamuna river, which was flowing gently just like this thought was, through my head, from one doleful end to the other cheerful one, in a sort of a to & fro motion. Reverberating in my head were the words, “No more school, school life is over.”

“That’s enough fancy wordplay, Shakespeare, you can talk straight now”...Ah okay fine,

So yeah people, receiving that transfer/migration certificate recently officially marks the end of our journey of the “school life” and boy what journey it was. So buckle up because..*will smith voice* It’s rewind time!

It all started from a really small town in Saudi Arabia named Qunfudah which had little to no schools, so for my Kindergarten I used to go to Shiny Matthew madams’ house (she had 2 rooms where she taught kindergarten, it was kinda like a lil tuition place) of that I have very little memory of as it was way back in 2006 but I do know that I met a couple o’ people whom I used to talk to ASIDE from my family, I have no clue as to what their names were nor anything else.

A year later I attended class 1st in a summat similar way this time at someone else’s house, they were a couple o’ Doctors who ran a sort of an open school, there I met some boys and girls from Kerela and Kashmir and that’s all what I remember (ik boring so far but it gets good). The weird thing is that I didn’t ever get to study Class 2nd EVER (i’m pretty sure there are a lot of kids from middle class muslim families with a bunch of relatives in the gulf or somewhere who must’ve faced some similar Jhol Jhamela in their early stages of schooling). And so I got admitted into class 1st AGAIN in this “Good Samaritan School” I remember the names of the people I had been friends with during my 1 year stay there but that’s about it I never got in touch with them ever since (too lazy to look em up). I remember giving my first public speech there on the occasion of Republic Day in front of like 100’s of people, and that was the main highlight of that year for me. For class 3rd I had moved back to Saudi, in Jeddah this time and got into Al-Hayat International school (which was a boys school), the friends I made there were the first pieces of emeralds I had encountered and we’ve managed to hold on to each other all through this time. During the time between class 4th to 5th I had encountered my first couple of bullies (one of em was even as fat as a bull), I faced what anyone who’d have a bully would face, negative remarks, getting beaten up a lot, all the usual stuff, it’s quite a cool thing to have in your bag of experiences really, good content to have for a story time get together lol.

Then during classes 6th to 7th my inner tekken fighter just woke up for some reason, I used to fight ALOT whether it be my friends boys younger than me, everyone aur serious wala maar peet hota tha like with blood and all, I’m glad that that phase didn’t last long I could’ve ended up like heath ledger. Class 8th was my final year in that school (as it was only till 8th lol) I started to pick up on public speaking and I used to use every opportunity I got to improve that skill whether, morning assemblies, functions, class discussions, whenever and wherever. And yeah, there was this BIG football tournament that took place in our school where was the captain of a team, we had made it to the semis but then we lost and I ended up scoring an own goal (ughhhh cringe!) no other day has passed where I had cried as much as that day, I sobbed like a little infant (something that will always make me face palm when I look back at it).