This Incident From My Class 9 Teacher, I'll Never Forget!

Nirmit Shah
Nov 24, 2019   •  164 views

I’m having university exams since last week. Yesterday, I was packing my bag before reaching to the exam hall.

While checking my pen-box, it has reminded me of a really generous incident of my school, class 9.

Sounds funny & interesting, eh? Well, it’s actually a helpful time - management tip.


My Classroom (It’s not a clear pic, though) hehe!

Our class teacher is literally not like normal teachers. And I’m damn sure, he might be the same today also.

He's the same, to that I mean “He’s different always.” Hehe!

At that time, I, my friend and the whole class were taking him lightly, like he’s so different and all.

But now I can understand his values and moral ethics. I can understand the reason why to be different.

It is to at least think upon stuff even if we know it’s true or not to conquer what the reality is.

I’ve sent this blog link to you, my respected teacher. If you are reading this, then this will surely rewind those class 9 memories.

Are you excited about this? I’m feeling so fascinating writing it.

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Class (Image Source: Classcraft)

I guess it was the 3rd lecture of that day.

There, our class teacher had informed us to finish the left-out work in 15 minutes.

And only after it, he’ll sign our monthly report-cards.

Fifteen minutes later, time was over. He came to the first bench, asked a student for a pen so that he can sign the report card. She opened up her pen-box and gave that.

And guess what? She had mistakenly given the pen having an empty refill.

Yes, the pen wasn’t working. After a while, she gave him the pen with a proper refill and was working well.

Then, my class teacher went to the stage near the blackboard.

He requested:

“Class! All of you, can you please take out your pen-box. Choose a pen randomly. And tell me is it working or not?”

Two minutes later

Class Teacher:

“Alright! Raise your hands whose pen was working nicely.”

Directly after it, it was found unspeakable. There were almost more than 50% in the ratio (including me) of those whose pen was not working properly.

Firstly, he laughed giggling a bit, then said:

“Why do you keep the pen which isn’t in use anymore?

That means you are this busy studying that you’ve forgotten which pen is working.”

He continued his lecture on this topic, like damn.

The following are his point of views.

Every time, whenever a teacher enters the class shouting out loud, “Class! Take out your books & pen and start writing.”

Then there lies always the scenario of keep searching for the pen. As, whether the pen is working well or not.

Sounds too stupid, simple. Yet lame sometimes. Isn’t it?

It also happens likely to our telephone diaries. Yes, there’s a book, a pen-box nearby the telephone. But you know what, it’s never worth keeping there.

Guess why? Whenever someone tells you an address or phone number talking during a call, we always have to find a proper pen to write. Though we have a pen box nearby, but with useless pens.

We waste our time on such silly stuff.

Image result for finding something in bag

Finding Same Everytime (Image Source : Herfamily)


How come it’d be if we at least start small. Small just from here?

This is a decent time managing tip - that may sound silly. But you know why it’s worth applying?

Because if you don’t, then you’ll end up messing around over such silly things.

Things likewise mess ourselves on only finding the proper pen to write.


Well, I don’t know about that time, but I suppose I understand one big thing.

One big thing is to start small.

Yay! To him, I guess cleaning a pen-box rearranging having proper pens is just an idea.

An idea to start small.

An idea to clean up your pen-box, from a pen-box to your bedroom.

From the bedroom to the house, then to city, state, nation, and world.

Really deep inside, it’s the starting from ourselves.

Cut out useless things, as simple to probably never set in complication.

Thank You For Reaching Out, Keep Spreading Wisdom!

I’m so grateful for this writeup as I got reminded that whole thing along with school memories.



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Hahaha!!! I remember this too... 🥺🤯🤠
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Cheers! 😄🙌