How Bad Karma Turns Into Good!

Tayyaba Noor
Jul 04, 2020   •  84 views

If I say, you are the reason who makes trouble for himself. And then act like why everything happens with them?

Of course we all know the very famous quote that “Karma is a bitch.”

But do we actually know the real theory behind it. Karma is something what you do, returns back to you. But in actual sense, if you do something with a purpose of good, the good will return. But If that intention hidden or not genuine then it will come back to you as bad.

In all this matter there's a power which watches you and it makes sure to grant you good or bad. I.e. God.


Do you really want to change your fate or karma after doing bad for someone.

Then just follow these simple rules -

  • Get more inclined towards the religion you follow -

A research shows that 80% of people who does prayer, experience much more clarity and stability in any field. And have much better connections with people around them.

  • Read good books -

Reading scriptures or holy book of your religion will give you more space. In vedic scriptures it has said that reading the holy book is a kind of meditation. Reading it for 30mins may give you calmness and all the answer to your problems.

  • Try not to back bite -

Alot of people are unaware of the fact that our tongue could be the best friend or enemy. Whatever we choose to say create our whole environment. Every living thing has some sense of frequency or vibration that catches good or bad thing. Which means whatever you'll say somehow will do his job.


For example - You've made fun of your friend and laughed along with your other friends. But you'll see someday, the same thing is happening with you as well. This is what I'm trying to explain, when you try to let down someone by your tongue.

This tricks above have experienced and can be real when you believe to be a better person for others. Karma does his part by showing you what you've done. And that can only be fix by your good deeds. Think about it and act upon it. This is the only way to change your world.

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Till then Spread Love and Kindness. ❤️