Love is not something which we do for having physical things (Hugs, kisses, cuddling, spooning and sex or hook ups). 

It's a feeling far better than spoiling each other with lust.

Love is understanding a inner level where you can find that two souls are not completing each other but they're already completed within themselves individually.

Statistics say that “Love makes you physically sick, though it does raise levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that has been shown to suppress immune function.”

Here today I'm gonna talk about what's the thing you need to take care of while being in love or relationship-

Give space and understand the individuality - Setting them free and making them know that you respect their way of living is a way of showing modern love. It's never about putting boundaries and taking all rights. Modern love needs more understanding and compassion towards each other.


Be not always open to them with your ideas of living - One of the important thing I've observed that's a actual reason for not continuing with that person because you get to know each and everything about them. Which is more likely to seems boring and not interesting. Keep some words to yourself only, take time everyday to make them understand what's different in you.


Have integrity and solve problem together - Often people don't understand each other on the basis of their level of perceptions. However you can be true to your partner by telling them what you like and what you don't. And fix it together to make sure it won't effect anything in your relationship..


I believe understanding is the most important key you need to hold on otherwise that's gonna be a little tough to be with that person, you always wanted to be with.

Alot of people might give you advise or suggestions on how you can chase a girl or boy, Be a good boyfriend or girlfriend but nobody tells you the real efforts you need to put for your soulmate.

Hope this would help you somewhere and you'll definitely take care of these all things.

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Great blog post... Thanks for those kind words and you made a different perspective of love...