3 New Ways Of Anger Management In A Innovative Way!☺️

Tayyaba Noor
Dec 26, 2019   •  20 views

By the title you've got it right! In my previous blog I've covered what's exactly the reasons behind frustration and anger!

You may tap the link to read it first


After this you're ready to know how to manage.

Letting it all out” it's not enough and up to the point where we can make ourselves calm in any situation. Psychologist Brad Bushman, PHD & colleagues published in Journal of Personality & social psychology.

Here I'm going to cover 3 basic and some Innovative forms to overcome your discomfort and to lower down your anger.

  • EXPRESSING - It's really important to express your feelings to the people whom you trust that they'll listen carefully and will make you feel good. If there'll be nobody to share with, you may write it down to a paper and tear it up for satisfaction.

  • ACCEPTANCE - Accepting the fact that something went wrong and it's totally fine to deal with the situation, will also make you feel satisfied. 

Last and the most important….

  • GIBBERISH - The word “Gibberish“ comes from Sufi mystic, Jabbar. Jabbar never spoke any language, he just uttered non sense. It's a kind of meditation which Osho introduced earlier and now everyone is accepting world wide and you'll seriously see huge difference in your personality.

Steps to do Gibberish Meditation-

For 10 mins you need to free up your parts of body by doing dance or something, Meanwhile you've to utter anything in words, which doesn't have any sense in it. You may also put earplugs and start listening to drums and loud songs which will disconnect you from your physical being.

After getting tired by doing it, Stop right there and sit or lay down quitely for another 10mins.

For knowing the exact technique you may click on this link and know how to do it. 👇


Make sure to do it when you're alone somewhere, otherwise you'll hinder the peace of others. Or else you'll be thrown out of your own house.

Apply these techniques and do let me know if this thing help you anywhere in life.

Till then Spread love and Be kind to the people who are less fortunate.